Cannes 2015 Charmers

Braids, smokey eyes and purple lipstick were this year’s buzzwords


By Renyi Lim

Cannes 2015 Charmers

You can always count on the Cannes Film Festival to be one of the movie industry’s most lively events of the year, and 2015 was no different. Between a ban on red carpet selfies and a storm of controversy over the festival organisers’ insistence on a high heels-only dress code for women, Buro 24/7 spotted the stars who were hitting it out of the park with their paparazzi-perfect hair and makeup.

Lupita Nyong’o

In a genius beauty move that only Lupita could pull off, the dauphine of bold, brave makeup set off her vivid green Gucci gown wonderfully with a splash of purple lipstick. A textbook example of how those with darker skin tones can actually have the most fun with their lip colours, Lupita’s makeup artist Nick Barose used not one, but two Lancome lipstick shades to give her the “purply-pink lotus lips” that had us all looking twice.

Julianne Moore

Causing a stir at the opening ceremony of the festival at the Grand Theatre Lumiere, Julianne’s smokey eyes and nude lip combination – courtesy of makeup pro Charlotte Willer – made her look elegantly edgy, rather than witchy or overly dramatic. Even with a slicked-down, side-parted bun, her dark eyeshadow was soft and properly blended enough to flatter her famously creamy complexion, which was tinted only by the lightest touch of blush contouring.

Sienna Miller

Lucky, lucky Sienna – not only did she get to be a member of the 68th Cannes Film Festival jury, but she also had legendary makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury on hand to paint her to perfection. The first night of the festival saw her hit the bullseye with a matte, bright red lip that complemented her midnight blue gown without overpowering her entire look. Paired with gentle, earth-toned eyeshadow, this was classic, modern-day red carpet makeup to be reckoned with.

Rooney Mara

Named Best Actress at Cannes this year for her role in Carol, Rooney had us all awestruck with her flawless porcelain skin and power brows. In a look best described as neo-goth, makeup artist Kate Lee gave her peachy eyes and lips to highlight Rooney’s “moonlit skin” during the day, then had fun later on in the evening by adding a tonal, deep violet lip. Gothic beauty has never been more graceful.

 Nina Agdal

Looking like a seductive mermaid straight from the sea, Danish model Nina Agdal turned the Cannes hair game upside down at the Inside Out premier with a free-flowing ponytail that tumbled down in loose, carefree layers across her tanned, well-toned shoulder blades. It was a fun, refreshing change to the straight-laced centre partings that dominated the red carpet this year, and a timely reminder that Cannes is all about the joie de vivre – after all, it’s France.

Poppy Delevingne

Sorry, Cara who?! Poppy took our breath away with her ethereal, almost otherworldly beauty at Cannes. She let her natural freckled complexion shine, rather than hiding it under thick foundation, then turned up the vamp factor with precise, kohl-lined eyes and a just-bit-my-lip shade of berry lipstick. As for that wispy, intricately braided bohemian updo – just ravissement!

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