#BuroTurnsTwo: Post-celebration remedies you can try this weekend

After the afterparty


By Terry Saw

#BuroTurnsTwo: Post-celebration remedies you can try this weekend

As proud OG of the Buro 24/7 Malaysia squad – I say squad, but really it was just EIC – Cai Mei, then Fashion Ed – Jason Lim and myself in the early days, investing our 200%, letting our wild passion and determination fuel our fire and while there were only three of us, our chemistry and friendship made it possible for us to rule the world. So to see us grow from that, to the team that it is now in just a short two years, is something I feel extremely proud to be a part of every day.

And as you can see from our Instagram stories from last night, we do know how to throw a party and when it comes to post-celebration spa-at-home rituals, we also have it down to a fine art. This week, I checked in with Kelsey Schiavon, holistic nutritionist and beauty educator for her top two luxurious DIY bath remedies that are especially designed to heal, soothe and rejuvenate after a super hectic week or if like us, you’re recovering from a big night, this is perfect for you – enjoy!


Rose & Coconut Milk Bath Soak

What it does: Nourishes the skin, body and the nervous system

Perfect for: When you’re feeling overwhelmed, over-committed and just survived one of those ‘too busy’ weeks

What you’ll need:

1 cup pink himalayan bath salts

1/2 cup coconut milk powder

1/3 cup dried lavender

1/3 cup dried rose petals

2 tsp camellia oil

1 tsp jojoba oil

5 drops rose otto 

2 drops ylang ylang 

Easy steps:

1. Mix salt, jojoba, camellia oil and essential oils together, add to jar.

2. Layer with coconut milk powder and dried herbs.

3. Take in the beautiful sight of your creation and enjoy in your bath!


Kelsey says:

“The ritual of bathing helps to cleanse body and mind and release any negative emotions we may be holding onto and it always amazes me what kind of thoughts and feelings show up that I otherwise might just ignore. For me, a long, restorative bath is a mindful, unhurried ritual that stimulates the senses – think the aroma of the essential oils, the temperature of the water, and the sight of beautiful flowers floating in the water. In a society that loves to glamourize ‘busy’, it’s an often overlooked practice, but one that creates a perfect opportunity to check in, reconnect and relax.”


Detoxifying Summer Bath Soak

What it does: Detoxifies and encourages lymphatic drainage

 Perfect for: Days when you feel sluggish or tired

 What you’ll need:

 1 cup epsom salts 

1 cup sea salt

2 tbsp white kaolin clay

2-4 tbsp oil of choice (I like almond oil in this recipe!)

1 tbsp dried dandelion leaf

3 drops juniper essential oil

3 drops lemon essential oil

2 drops grapefruit essential oil

2 drop rosemary essential oil

Easy steps:

1. Mix salts, clay and dandelion together in a small bowl.

2. Add almond oil and essential oils and mix well.

3. Add to your bath water, lay back and enjoy!


Kelsey says:

“The combination of epsom salt, sea salt and clay help to gently draw toxins out of the body while rebalancing important minerals like magnesium and juniper is one of my favourite oils to help detoxify and encourage lymphatic drainage. Combine that with invigorating lemon, circulation boosting rosemary and purifying grapefruit (which is also wonderful for water retention) and you have an easy weekly treat to help reset and rebalance your beautiful body.”


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