#BuroBrides: The New Makeup Rules For Your Big Day

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By Buro247

#BuroBrides: The New Makeup Rules For Your Big Day

1. What’s the new rule in bridal makeup? 

“Steer clear of trends! Every bride should want to look timeless. A smoky eye or loud bold lips may look gorgeous on celebrities or in pictures, but when you look back on your wedding shots, you’ll probably regret it because trends changes almost every fortnight. Stick with a look that’s classic and pretty. Remember, you want to look like you (and not like you’re playing dress up) on your wedding day.”

2. What is the biggest beauty mistake you’ve seen?

“When it comes to makeup, the biggest mistake women make is not wearing waterproof mascara and foundation. Once those tears start flowing, so will their makeup. Always double and triple check with your makeup artist that all products are waterproof to ensure you look flawless through the hours of hug, sweat and tears.”

3. What’s your advice for bride’s doing their own wedding makeup?

“Do a trial run. The makeup you liked (as seen in a bridal magazine) may just be what you think you’ll want for your special day, but it may not work for your features. A trial run is important to make sure you completely love the makeup look on you and not just that you love the colours. For example, pink cheeks may look pretty on a model with porcelain skin, but may not work with your yellow undertones. And take practice shots too, to test how you will look in pictures, taking into account the different types of lighting – you may find that you’ll need a heavier application for your makeup.”

4. Some of your top pre-wedding skincare tips are…

“I always encourage brides-to-be, and anyone who wants her special-event makeup to look its best to schedule a facial within ten days of the big day. Opt for a more focused exfoliation and a hydration treatment to enhance the skin’s luminosity and texture, which helps makeup go on much easier and look much better, and more natural when it’s applied. Also, keep skin well hydrated by drinking lots of water and workout whenever possible for glowing skin and to de-stress from wedding jitters!”  

5. Some makeup trends you currently love are…

“I still think women should stick to modern, classic looks for their big day because it will never look dated and you won’t look too different from your natural self on your big day. That said, I love to see a metallic element on brides, because it reflects the light and adds subtle, shimmering tones for a glamorous look. Choose gold or pewter for warmer skin tones, and silver, rose gold or champagnes to highlight fair skin and the eyes. Thesee shades also add glow and texture for a more modern look.”

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