#BuroBrides: Perfect Day, Perfect Hair

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By Buro247

#BuroBrides: Perfect Day, Perfect Hair

What are some of the new favourites in bridal hair trends?

“I like the slightly undone styles from the recent Bridal Fashion Week shows and some classic looks like the sideswept bun, unstudied waves and elegant updos, which are more relaxed this season.”

“While Fashion Week looks are a great source of inspiration, nothing beats personal style and choice when it comes to picking a look that works for you on your wedding day. Bear in mind something ‘too cool’ or too out there will be unlikely to stand the test of time, especially in pictures – timeless classics would be your best bets.”

Let’s talk short ‘dos – what’re the best ways to dress them up?

“The quickest and most beautiful way is through hair accessories – there are some gorgeous bridal clips around, fresh flowers are always a beautiful choice and go for diamond-embellished grips to up the glam factor. The key is to go with one statement accessory, something that resonates with your personal style – the accessory should complement, not overwhelm your look.”

Quick tips for brides-to-be contemplating a refreshing hair makeover?

“This really depends on how close you are to your wedding day. Same goes for any other major occasions, it’s never a good idea to make an impulsive hairstyle change and hate it two minutes after, and have to put up with it for the biggest day of your life when you’re going to be in a million pictures! If you’re really craving a change, here are my tips:

1. Always consult a trusted hairstylist – what you have in mind may not translate so well in real life!

2. Have a good lead time – I’m talking months ahead of your wedding day and make changes in small increments so you can stop at any one point where you feel your best.

3. Take test shots – whether it is you’re rocking a faux bob or bangs to see how you’ll look, always take test shots in full makeup so you can decide if that’s the look you really like, and not just the idea of it.

What’s your all-time favourite bridal trend?

“I absolutely love simple classic hairdos that are soft and dreamy; a low-bun with wisps of hair, a decorated updo or timeless sideswet ‘dos are on top of my list  – they flatter any bride and are hardly looks you’ll get tired of seeing in pictures long after the celebrations are over.”

Your top three hair tips for brides-to-be are…

1. If you want to completely change your hair colour, think about getting this done at least four weeks before your wedding. This allows you to get used to the new look with enough time to change it if you don’t fancy how it goes with your makeup and dress.”

2. Pamper yourself to a wash and blow-dry the evening before your wedding especially if you’ll be wearing your hair up on the wedding day. Second-day-hair enables a better grip and hold. Do away with the conditioner so it won’t be hard to tease.”

3. “Go for a trim for the hair ends two weeks prior to the big day for a look that’s fresh and healthy – especially important if you’ll be wearing your hair down in soft, loose curls. Lastly, remember to enjoy the day – you’ll be surprised how quickly the day passes so really take time to drink in every minute of the experience and celebration!”

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