Six sparkling new fragrances join Bottega Veneta’s Parco Palladiano range


By Wei Yeen Loh

Six sparkling new fragrances join Bottega Veneta’s Parco Palladiano range

For a luxury brand that is steeped in history, Bottega Veneta’s inspiration for six new scents to its existing Parco Palladiano collection is a no-brainer. The Palladian gardens of the Veneto in Venice is a breathtaking landscape that intersperses classical architecture throughout the bucolic gardens—hence the name Parco Palladiano for Bottega Veneta’s collection of fragrances for women and men. First introduced in 2016, the lineup gets an update this year with another six scents inspired by the beauty of the Veneto region—a fitting tribute as this was where the brand was founded back in 1966.

Under the vision of former creative director Tomas Maier, each fragrance represents an “olfactory trompe l’oeil” that is crafted from raw materials grown in the region. Like the nine other fragrance in the collection, the new scents each bear a Roman numeral to honour the heritage of the Palladian villas. “For the Parco Palladiano collection, I wanted to work with different perfumers, so the scents would have more than just one point of view. I wanted them to be as complex, multi-layered and rich as the Palladian gardens themselves,” says Maier.

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The three new fragrances for men are inspired by three robust species in the gardens: The olive, chestnut, and oak trees. Parco Palladiano X Olivo is a green, woody scent that is both strong and charismatic, while Parco Palladiano XI Castagno is a sweeter, smokier fragrance that lends a contrast between green and balsamic notes. The third, Parco Palladiano XII Quercia, is infused with a rare oak note that gives it an earthy, woody expression.

For the women’s fragrances, refined ingredients such as berries and herbs are used for a fresh yet timeless sentiment. Parco Palladiano XIII Quadrifoglio is both crisp and fresh, with a blend of basil, white bergamot, and incense. Parco Palladiano XIV Melagrana combines mandarin with blackcurrant buds, juxtaposed with an intense and resinous cedarwood base for a sparkling scent; while the last, Parco Palladiano XV Salvia Blu, is a musky aromatic combination of sage, lavender, and rose.


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