#BuroBrides: The best celebrity bridal hairdos of all time

Say yes to the hair


By Wei Yeen Loh

#BuroBrides: The best celebrity bridal hairdos of all time

Planning all the details of your big day is no mean feat, not when you’ve got a gazillion things on your must-do list, from ensuring the table seating is all in order to scoring a wedding gown of your dreams. But your wedding day look constitutes one more important detail — your hairdo. While most popular bridals hairdos lean towards classic, timeless, elegant (sans excessive froufrou, flashy hair accessories or chapel-length veils), we are strong advocates for “to each their own”. If your gown is poufy and a dramatic hairdo is on your bridal Pinterest board, go for it — don’t let naysayers rain on your parade when it comes to your grand day.

In case you need more references, have a look at our favourite celebrity bridal hairstyles of all time. From Princess Grace Kelly’s breathtaking veiled ‘do to Kate Moss’ boho-chic waves, channel effortlessness with these looks that will guarantee double takes as you glide down the aisle. Here’s to looking like the most beautiful woman in the room on your big day:

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