Beauty Collab Crush

The hottest makeup partnerships


By Renyi Lim

Beauty Collab Crush

You can’t blame us for getting excited about the new crop of partnerships springing up across the Beautysphere – when two creative minds meet, there’s bound to be an explosion of incredible new concepts, colours, and collections (like these ones here) that we won’t be able to keep our hands off. 

shu uemura x Yazbukey 

The flamboyant Paris-based jewellery designer, Yazbukey, is a perfect match for the Japanese cosmetics brand, which shares her whacky sense of fun and irreverence. Plus, she’s a bona-fide Ottoman princess whose family used to reign in Egypt (fun fact: her ancestor, Mehmet Ali Pasha, a 19th century King of Egypt, gifted the Concorde Obelisk to Napoleon) – what could be cooler than that? There’s even a true story behind this pop art-inspired collection: Yazbukey and three of her girlfriends once fell crazily in love with the same boy, and as a tribute to the conflict and broken hearts that followed, the 30-piece line has been split into four characters, with their personalities ranging from quirkily eccentric to cool California-chic. The characters of Sexy Yaz, Smart Lola, Romantic Betty and Daring Tina, are stamped across shu uemura’s famous cleansing oils, false eyelashes, nail colours and eyeshadows in cheeky, louder-than-life packaging. Surely it’s a collection worth fighting over.

NARS x Christopher Kane

If you’ve never dared add bright neons to your makeup wardrobe before, let Christopher Kane show you the way. Ever since he burst onto the British fashion scene in 2006, Kane has quickly risen to become a designer famed for his innovative, visually electric creations – his shows at London Fashion Week are often considered a highlight of each season. Put him hand-in-hand with makeup maestro François Nars, then, and you have a collaborative partnership that’s really the stuff of dreams. Christopher Kane for Nars is at once ‘unexpectedly bold’ and ‘shockingly natural’, with neon shades that are both daringly eye-catching yet soft and versatile. “I often use neons as neutrals. They refresh and inspire,” is Kane’s explanation, pointing to the vividly pigmented eyeshadows, blushes, lip glosses and Illuminating Multiple sticks that are so boldly wearable, they behave like new neutral colours on your skin.

M.A.C x Guo Pei

It’s impossible to question Chinese couturier Guo Pei’s commitment to her craft – not only is she considered one of the country’s most respected designers, but she spent an incredible two years hand-making Rihanna’s canary-yellow gown for this year’s Met Gala. How’s that for dedication? Thankfully, she’s had just enough time on the side to partner up with M.A.C, with a sumptuous, elegantly feminine collection due to be released later this year (we’ve only just received the news!). Characteristically blending old world Oriental beauty with her own fantastical vision of cutting-edge modernity, the M.A.C x Guo Pei range will come shot through with warm honey neutrals, jewel-like vibrant blues, charcoal shades for eyelids, and powder laced with fine pearl pigments. Now it’s just a matter of waiting it out. 

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