Beauty Advent Calendar: Shiseido Festive Camellia

Haute couture glamour

Beauty Advent Calendar: Shiseido Festive Camellia
Our last pick for 2015 Beauty Advent Calendar is a silk-and-floral palette that combines haute elegance with makeup artistry

What do you get when you combine the artistic expertise of a fashion designer with a professional cosmetics brand? A lush, floral-inspired festive palette that is the limited edition Shiseido Festive Camellia—a special collaboration between Shiseido Makeup and Yohji Yamamoto's iconic brand Y's.

Beauty Advent Calendar: Shiseido Festive Camellia (фото 1)

The camellia being the muse and motif, Y's has designed a holiday package with haute couture elegance: Silk from Kyoto is used on the palette, with camellia motifs in vivid colour blooming against a deep plum background. Its asymmetrical shape alludes to nature's whimsy and stems from non-Western traditions-a theme that resonates with Y's style. With art director Dick Page lending his eye for colour, the palette includes six fresh, camellia-inspired hues that is ultra pigmented and luxuriously smooth-ideal for both face colour and eyeshadow.


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