Beauty Advent Calendar: Diptyque Sapin

Foliage fragrance

Beauty Advent Calendar: Diptyque Sapin
A sumptuous Christmas spread calls for an attractive and foliage-scented candle such as diptyque's Sapin to light up your table setting

Illuminate your dwellings this holiday season with a radiant scent that evokes memories of childhood and Christmas gone by—Diptyque Sapin candle is one from the collaboration between artist Julien Colombier and the French perfume atelier. With a visually stunning, leaf-inspired design that's based on symbolism and the exchange between visual and olfactory, the candle illuminates dreamily when lit—a perfect addition to your table setting for your Christmas dinner. The foliage-inspired candle includes fragrant resin crystals infused with a hint of mandarin, resulting in a familiar yet unusual combination of citrus and woody notes.

Beauty Advent Calendar: Diptyque Sapin (фото 1)

Diptyque Sapin Candle is available at all Diptyque stores nationwide.


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