Backstage Access: James Molloy takes runway beauty to real way

The trends, tips and his insider tricks


By Terry Saw

Backstage Access: James Molloy takes runway beauty to real way

1. Beautiful and Damned

Black reigns supreme here, but not without a touch of anti-perfection – think of the trend as a rebellion against the static, selfie culture in exchange for a look that’s more lived-in, more alive. A dark lip here, a few imperfect brush strokes there, this is where you can be more experimental with your makeup without worrying about getting everything right.

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Molloy’s runway-to-real way tip: “Here’s a wearable version of the look: try a dark lip colour or a gloss – pick one with a hint of violet shade as it really pops against bare skin. Keep the rest of your makeup minimal, there’s a quiet confidence in women who ace barely-there makeup paired with a strong, bold lip.”

Try: M.A.C Lipstick in Chic Blackened Red  

2. Strength of Beauty

If your signature look is elegant and sophisticated, you’ll appreciate the twist on this trend. This season, it’s all about giving elegance a new definition, and threading the lines between done and undone for a look that’s neither raw nor a labored perfection. Think of it as a polished look that beautifully defines your face, and accentuates your natural features without changing them in any way.

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Molloy’s runway-to-real way tip: “Concentrate only on three things for this look – your skin, brows and lashes. I recommend the M.A.C Timecheck Lotion, which moisturises and primes your skin, leaving you with a matte finish, and a natural radiance that’s key to the look. Define your brows and apply foundation only on problem areas, and finish with a sweep of blush – the look you’re going for is an ultra fresh, healthy complexion.”

Try: M.A.C Mineralize Blush

3. Love Worn

For this trend, think worn-in and lived-in makeup that exudes an after-party vibe . This is where the traditional smoky eye graduates to a look that’s sexier rather than grungy and is definitely more gorgeous than gritty.

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Molloy’s runway-to-reality tip: “You can achieve the look using grey tones, an understated colour, which I am glad is getting some attention this season. They key is to create a ‘soft focus’ effect – think last night’s mascara, rubbed-off liner. If you’re wearing grey for the first time, add some shimmer at the inner corners of your eyes, curl your lashes and see how this instantly makes your eyes look more alive.”

Try: M.A.C Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Tailor Grey

 4. Red 70s

Fans of rouged lips listen up – this season, the shade inches closer to Woodstock than Hollywood. In short, you’ll want it to be more ‘It-girl’ than ‘Ladylike’ for a super-chic and pulled together look. Plus, the good thing about the new shift in reds is that it really makes the eye colours stand out, and it flatters almost every skin tone.

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Molloy’s runway-to-reality tip: “The new shades are more paprika and orange-red in colour, which gives you a more modern, fresh and youthful look when worn on its own. You can also pair the look with ochre tones for the eyes to brighten the white in your eyes and a boyish brow – really brush them out to open up the face.”

Try: M.A.C Lipstick in Chili 

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