8 ‘Next level’ Halloween makeup looks that will blow your mind


By Gwen Ong

8 ‘Next level’ Halloween makeup looks that will blow your mind


For the average person, it’s a good day when you’re able to walk out the door with your eyeliner drawn on (somewhat) perfectly. Ahem, something that yours truly can relate to. That wing flick better be staying on! But of course, these vloggers aren’t average, in fact they’re exceptional! The last thing that they would be shaken by is running out of shades to play with. In the spirit of Halloween, they’ve created looks that demand attention from us. It’s fascinating to watch and fierce to follow.


1) Sinister prisoner

As part of her Halloween series, Mykie goes to supposedly haunted places and does her thematic makeup. This latest episode sees her visiting the Eastern State Penitentiary and well, things start to get spooky.



2) Skinned

There’s a reason why Julia Wunderlich is known as the queen of transformation. The professional makeup artist has been scaring us with her insane talent in creating gory looks through different styles of face paint.



3) Scarecrow

Monica is a makeup artist who is also known as Lady Paradoxx. She’s currently on a Halloween makeup challenge going from a ghoul to bride of Frankenstein, creepy crown and more.



4) Witch doctor

If you’ve been following Desi Perkins, you know that she takes her makeup looks seriously. For this Halloween, she takes inspiration from a piece of artwork, the way it was sketched and the colours surrounding it.



5) Venom

This is probably going to be one of the trendiest looks of this Halloween season. Bonnie Corban has got it down pat with an easy way to create a DIY prosthetic that you can learn too.



6) Voldemort

He Who Must Not Be Named is actually Jeffree Star in disguise. He partnered up with Glam & Gore (see no.1 above) to transform into this iconic figure. Great collab!



7) Demogorgon/Leviathan

Ophélie’s technique is a combination of both special effects makeup and digital visual effects, and the result is mind-blowing. See what she does after finishing this makeup look here—Halloween comes early!



8) Demented mermaid

Maureen is a Belgium-based makeup artist, who combines both prosthetic and makeup to create this dark mermaid character. You can see the whole process from sculpting to moulding below.



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