7 Minutes with celebrity makeup maestro Roshar

Artistry in the flesh


By Wei Yeen Loh

7 Minutes with celebrity makeup maestro Roshar

It doesn’t take a beauty expert to know that international and celebrity makeup artist Roshar is a deft hand in makeup artistry. A peek in his Instagram account and you’ll find a deluge of his editorial works that encompass a wide range of themes, colours and textures. Recently, the renowned artist was in town to give a masterclass in conjunction with Urban Decay and blogger Dita Tilhen, allowing us to glean few inspiring and handy tips from the professional on makeup must-do’s, no-go’s and more:


1. What was your first experience with makeup?

My first experience was applying makeup on my 11-year old sister. I would dress her up and take pictures of her, in a way mimicking what I would see in the fashion world. Granted, I was 13-years old back then, and my skills were not what they are today!


2. How do you find inspiration for your artistry?

I’m inspired by my subjects’ face first. But I also take in account the wardrobe, hair, and lighting in the event of the situation.


3. What are the top must-haves in your makeup kit?

BeautyBlender Makeup Sponge, NYX Total Control Drop Foundation, Make Up For Ever Flash Colour Palette, and Voluminous Original Mascara by L’Oréal Paris.


4. A piece of beauty advice you’d like to share with our readers?

Don’t powder and set your foundation immediately. Give it a few minutes and wait until you are done with all your makeup, then apply powder at the end. That way it’s easier to correct a mistake.


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5. What beauty trend are you obsessed with right now?

Glowing, highlighted skin. I’m not obsessed with it just because it is a trend right now, but because it looks so healthy and translates beautifully in visuals, whether on print or digitally. 


6. What is a beauty faux pas that one should never commit?

Brows that are overdrawn and too dark. You don’t want your brows to compete with the rest of your facial features.


7. How would you suggest incorporating colour for everyday makeup, especially for those who aren’t used to bold colours?

Honestly, I find that Malaysians don’t shy away from colour—which is lovely to see. People here wear bold colours on their lips and aren’t afraid of experimenting with different lip shades. But a tip is to keep the lips soft and neutral when to experimenting with colour on the eyes.


8. What tips do you have for achieving photo-ready flawless skin?

Contour and highlight. The flash from a camera takes out 35% of the [colour] midtones of your face, so contouring definitely brings it back.


9. What do you think makes an exceptional makeup artist?

The ability to be flexible and able to adapt to different situations.


10. Who are your beauty muses?

Amber Chia.


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11. What do you think are some of the challenges that makeup artists face in the industry nowadays?

I think a lot of artists these days look at what others are doing before understanding the “why’s” of makeup. It wouldn’t work to stamp the same look on everyone without tailoring it to the person or situation.


12. What advice would you give to budding makeup artists who are trying to make it big in this industry?

Hide all your bright colors for the first six months. Also, perfect the way light sculpts the face. Don’t be dependent on following what other people are doing. I stopped looking at fashion magazines once my style started to develop, and I noticed my style became more well-rounded after that and the things I would come up with later was followed by other people.


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