7 Mesmerising holiday makeup looks that will make you the talk of the party

Sleigh girl, sleigh!


By Gwen Ong

7 Mesmerising holiday makeup looks that will make you the talk of the party


No matter if your favourite thing about the Holidays is Rudolph or maybe, even the Grinch, we’re sure you’re bound to find the joyful cheer somewhere. For us, we turned to the Insta-verse for makeup looks that are all about merrymaking. It is the most wonderful time of the year and if the skills of these ‘Grammers are anything to measure by, we’ll gladly turn up to that family gathering wearing our Christmas best feeling a bit ‘extra’. Let ’em talk, here are seven beauty inspiration for a great time this festive season. 


#1 “Yes, I’m aware my eyes are snowing”

Stand under the mistletoe with these peepers that are simply arresting. Too much? You can keep it more muted with just the metallics for your eyeliners. 



#2 “I’m sweet like candy cane”

Channel your inner child and replicate the stripey red-and-white pattern all over your face. Bonus: this Insta-star actually painted on her outfit as well!



#3 “My look says 80s glamour”

No time to doll up? Get creative with the baubles – the bigger the better – around your house. Size does matter if you want to convince your host that you’re making an effort. 



#4 “I’m dashing and you know it!”

Slay gurl! This look has you down pat as the most “extra” person in the room. Extra cute that is! For that we’ll give you a big chocolate cookie. 



#5 “Glitter bomb had never been so fun”

You’re a gift and you know it. Pro tip: to remove the glitter off your face, dab a cotton pad in baby oil and rub in gentle, circular motion. 



#6 “The ice queen has arrived!”

Keep it classy and cool. White-on-white is the perfect look for those who can’t resist a little drama in the eye department. 



#7 “I’m your nightmare before Christmas!”

Still not feeling festive? Spook them with this deranged drummer boy look. Extra point if you can score the same outfit too. 



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