7 Eyeliners you need for a razor-sharp cat eye

Bold strokes


By Wei Yeen Loh

7 Eyeliners you need for a razor-sharp cat eye

The memo is in: Bold, feline flicks are the only beauty trick you need to master the next season. Given the myriad of dark strokes over the eyes of models on the runways of Spring/Summer 2018, there’s no mistaking that this might just be the most popular eye makeup trend come 2018. At New York Fashion Week, Marc Jacobs recreated different variations of the winged eye for different shapes of eyelids—giving new meaning to its name (‘Blacquer Eye’); while Fendi did the graphic eye some grace by using hues of petrol blue-green over the eyes in a dramatic fashion in Milan.


The key to aceing this look lies in knowing what cat eye shape suits your eyes. If you’ve got small eyes, draw a thinner line over your upper lids and place more emphasis on the lower lash line. Those who have larger eyes can switch both around by drawing a thicker line on the top, along with finishing it with an upward flick at the outer corners of the eyes. Tips for messy situations: Redo the flick instead of your entire eye to save time. After removing the smudge via a cotton bud that has been dipped in eye makeup remover, dab a smidgen of concealer of eye primer around the area to set it—and voilà! 


Take your pick from seven eyeliners that will guarantee you a statement-making look:

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