6 Tips to flawless skin by Jenna Menard

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By Wei Yeen Loh

6 Tips to flawless skin by Jenna Menard

1. During this past fashion show season, we saw the “no makeup, makeup look.” A clean flawless canvas that looked effortless. Have we seen this look before?

This trend has been popular for quite a while. It is one of those timeless trends that reappears season after season. It never goes “out of style” and I love that about it. It’s a wearable look that suits everyone. You look like yourself, but better. I have been creating this look from the beginning of my career, and even on myself before I knew I wanted to become a colour artist.

Recently, the beauty industry has been trying to influence individuality when it comes to makeup. The “no makeup, makeup” trend is right on point with this idea. My makeup style has always been about enhancing—working with what you have and making small adjustments that provide a little boost. I love the subtleties you can create with makeup and this trend is all about subtleties. You want it to be believable that you don’t have any makeup on, but you look that good.

2. What is your application technique for Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer?

Apply where needed. The best part about this foundation is how I am able to bring to life a trick I have been using and teaching forever—apply concealer where needed instead of applying foundation all over the face. Beyond Perfecting is a foundation where you can apply only where needed and it gives you the perfect coverage, or you can apply all over your face to achieve a flawless complexion.

My technique is about only focusing on the areas that need coverage. This doe foot wand applicator allows you to apply a targeted amount of formula specifically where needed. This will help control the amount of product on the face helping to create the “no makeup, makeup” look that’s the most believable.

Our skin changes day to day. There will be some days where you want a full coverage look, and then there will be other days where you just need to cover up a few imperfections. Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer can easily help you achieve the desired coverage you need.

3. How would you use the wand if you only want to apply to targeted areas?

Use Beyond Perfecting as a concealer when you need to spot treat certain areas on the face, such as a blemish, redness or discoloration. The applicator is perfect for this. Use the very tip of the wand to apply the concealer where needed and then pat lightly with your finger to blend the product into the skin just over that area. Using your ring finger will help you have a lighter touch when blending.

4. How would you use the wand if you want a full coverage look?

To dispense more product on the skin for a full coverage look, use the side of the applicator or also the angled tip of the applicator that has the slight dip to hold more product. To make sure you cover all areas of the face swipe the wand across the forehead, on the cheeks, down the nose and across the chin.

5. What is a common mistake woman do when they apply foundation?

A common mistake with foundation is applying too much product. Again this is where the applicator comes in handy. The applicator will control the amount of product on the face and will help make sure you are not over doing it! Start with less and work your way up for your needed coverage. 

6. How do you pick the right foundation shade for your skin tone?

Pay attention to the colour of your face in relationship to your body—specifically the shoulders, neck, and chest. I suggest finding three shades that are closest to your natural skin tone, and comparing them against the areas of your body closest to your face. Comparing the shades will help you choose a shade that is most complimentary. By trying and comparing all three on your face and neck area it will be easier to select the best shade rather than trying each on separately.

The new Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer SPF 19/PA++, RM140, comes in six shades and is available online and at Clinique counters nationwide.

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