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6 Beauty habits we’re committing to this year for our best skin ever


By Wei Yeen Loh

6 Beauty habits we’re committing to this year for our best skin ever
2020 is all about keeping your inner lazy bug at bay and investing a bit more time and effort on your skin

The shelf life of new year resolutions can rival that of a loaf of freshly-baked bread. How many of us can confidently admit to tick off last year’s resolutions by June—scratch that, by December 31, if I’m being honest?

If you’re feeling one part guilt and a whole load of denial right about now, fret not—resolutions fail for a reason, but there are always ways to get back on track before February.

On the beauty front, here’s an idea: why not strive to be more conscious of your beauty practices? From how you consume products to the way you treat your skin, 2020 is all about celebrating a better version of you—mindfully, that is. Ahead, find a list of beauty habits that will benefit your body and soul this year:

Sunscreen is no longer an option (for your entire body)


There’s a reason why this is first on the list and even if you already know the drill, I’m going to repeat this spiel anyway. Those who already commit to applying SPF all over the face—kudos, and keep it up. This year, let’s also focus our SPF efforts on our neck, hands (especially those who drive 24/7 and are constantly exposed to UVA/UVB rays), and the back of our ears.

Need I remind you that having five or more sunburns double your risk for melanoma (skin cancer)? Keep dark spots and signs of premature ageing at bay by slathering on sunscreen that comes with SPF 50 PA++++; there’s no harm in donning wide-brim hats and oversized sunglasses either.

Clean your skin with cleanser—not makeup wipes


Easier said than done, I know. Makeup wipes are the universe’s gift to us especially when you’re already sprawled on the bed (with a face full of smudged makeup) after a late night out. But here’s a sad fact: makeup wipes don’t technically remove all makeup and grime from your skin. And if you’re not rinsing your skin with water/cleanser right after, the buildup is going to nestle nicely within your pores and don’t feign surprise if you discover a shiny red zit right smack in the middle of your face the next morning.

So the next time you feel like reaching out to that pack of wipes on your bedside table, prop yourself up and head to the bathroom. Think of cleansing as a ritual to unwind your senses for the night, and spend at least 15 seconds massaging the product into your skin—just so it actually gets the job done.

KonMari your beauty shelf



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If you’re diligent about tossing mascaras out three months after opening it, good on you. But don’t forget about the “new” unopened products sitting in your arsenal for more than a year now—or longer (eek!)

Always check on the PAO (period after opening) symbol—a digit and letter on an opened jar—on the label to find out how many months the product can last after opening e.g. “12M” indicates that your product can last up to 12 months after you open it.

If you’re the hoarding sort who believes in stocking up on beauty favourites, note that unopened beauty products can generally last from one to three years—assuming you’ve stored said products in a cool, dry space and away from the sun.

Hands off your face



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Avid Dr. Pimple Popper fans (who can get handsy with your face), I’m looking at you. Let 2020 be a year of no-touch zones when it comes to your face—keep your fingers (and fingernails) far, far away from your zits if you really want that new-decade glow to come through.

Fun fact: Scars aren’t the worst that could result from picking on your skin. Popping pimples actually push dirt and sebum back into your pores, which may lead to an infection. Every time your fingers feel itchy and start roaming across your skin, remember that you’re only making it ten times worse.

Tip: Stick on an acne patch over the zit to prevent your pimple-popping tendencies from manifesting.


Stick to your routine



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This goes along the same vein as reducing your makeup wipes usage—unless absolutely necessary. If you tend to skip sunscreen, moisturiser or toner just because your skin “feels okay” when you go without (it really isn’t), make a habit to spend that extra minute to apply the bare necessities to better protect your skin.

I’ve heard of lazy skin-caretakers who’d opt for a spritz of facial mist just to leave something on their skin in place of moisturiser and sunscreen, but let’s be real—just ’cause there’s a layer of mist over your skin doesn’t make it well-protected or moisturised. Start with the basics (as mentioned above) if you’re not big on the seven- or 12-step skincare routine.

Your body is a temple


Already got that tub of body butter on your bedside table but pretending not to see it because, well, you just want to sleep? Your skin will seriously thank you for spending a few moments to slather some body cream before catching up on your beauty zzz’s.

Let dry, flaky scale-like skin be a dilemma of yesteryear—use a body lotion or oil in your favourite scent to motivate you into applying it every night before you tuck in. A little goes a long way if you’ve got this down pat on a daily basis.

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