Top Tips to Instantly Get More Out of Your Facials

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By Terry Saw

Top Tips to Instantly Get More Out of Your Facials

Q: What are the top things people should be asking or telling their facialist?

“People these days are very smart – they actually ask many questions! But personally, I feel they should be telling more instead. Because you know your skin best, it’s important for you to be super honest when it comes to sharing your concerns with your facialist. The things we need to know in detail include:

1. Your daily skincare routine: This is to help us identify the gaps in your beauty regimen and help ‘plug’ them, where necessary.

2.  Your lifestyle: Lifestyle habits play a big role in the way your skin behaves, and it also contributes to whether or not a particular skincare product or regimen works for you.

Q: What’s your best skin health tip?

Women generally want their skin to look matte and can’t tolerate the idea of ‘oily’ skin. As a result, they end up picking light moisturisers, some with oil-control properties even. Truth is, healthy skin is one that’s well hydrated and moisturised. What people don’t realize is that beautiful, radiant and glowing skin has a good balance of oil and water properties on the skin. That’s when skin is supple, plump and youthful.”

Q: What can we do to prolong our post-facial glow?

“I can’t stress how important it is to start with a good skincare regimen at home. Speak to your facialist, who will be your best bet in recommending the right products for your skin. Over time, your complexion will improve from within, and this will help prolong your post-facial glow and results.

Never forget (or be too lazy) to clean your skin properly. Too many women rush through the process! I always recommend a double cleansing routine. The La Mer Cleansing Oil gently but thoroughly removes makeup, followed by either our Cleansing Lotion or Cleansing Gel after. Massage in slow circular motions onto the skin, making sure you really get rid of the day’s dirt and grime. Cleanser is the first step of any skincare regimen and it is an important one. If your skin is not clean, how are the other products going to penetrate into your skin properly?

Try: La Mer Cleasing Oil, RM328


Try: La Mer Cleansing Lotion, RM328

Pay attention to your night routine because while you sleep, your skin is working hard to repair itself. A complete, and consistent night routine will help with your skin’s regeneration process. Once your skin health is in tip-top condition, your beauty products work better, you can see and feel the results, plus your post-facial glow will lasts for more than a day!”

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