5 Ways to ace the perfect flush for your face shape

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By Buro247

5 Ways to ace the perfect flush for your face shape

A light swipe of blush can immediately brighten up your face and make you look instantly prettier. Plus, when carefully placed, shades of blush can transform the appearance of your face shape in sneaky (but welcomed ways), and the good news is, it doesn’t take much effort at all. Get inspired by these looks and let the results surprise you! 

1. Centre blush

For those who wish to soften the appearance of their bone structure or have a sharp, square-shaped jawline, this can be a game changer. Apply blush to centre of the cheek – right on the apple of your cheeks to achieve a rounding effect to your entire face. What’s more, centre blush can have a widening, doll-like effect on the eyes.

2. Lower blush

If you have long or prominent chin, you can create a bit of a balance by applying blush onto the cheekbones below the outer corners of the eyes and blend well. Be sure the blush never extends lower than the tip of the nose. This creates the subtle illusion that the apples of your cheeks rest a bit lower, and will elongate the upper part of the face to balance your features.

3. Upper blush

Applying your blush up high, right underneath the eyes can make a short face appear longer. For those with small or round faces, it’s worth a try – aim to place the colour just above the bone rather than towards the hollow beneath it to help raise the height of your cheekbone.

4. Outer blush

Contour blush has the ability to draw focus to the centre of the face – a plus if your face is on the wider side, this look is worth a try. Blend up from your cheekbones towards your temples, then extend the blush over your brow a bit toward the centre of your forehead. This will help to balance the width of your forehead with the rest of your face.

5. Full on cheeks

It’s not for everybody, but big blush can work magic on those with large or long faces. Colouring outside the typical blush lines can shorten the face significantly and even shape it, depending on whether you apply rounded pats or sweeping strokes. Try it with a subtle shade and skip the heavy eye and lip looks and let your cheeks do all the talking.  

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