5 Party-ready mattes you’ll love from Lancome’s L’Absolu Rouge Definition

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By Terry Saw

5 Party-ready mattes you’ll love from Lancome’s L’Absolu Rouge Definition

The one thing I love more than a movie sequel is one that keeps getting better with the new release. Much like the brand new L’Absolu Rouge Definition range by Lancome.

First launched in 1990, le Rouge Absolu started dressing lips, stealing hearts and was deemed an iconic beauty invention for the brand. Its success story continued to unravel with L’Absolu Rouge in 2008, with formula enhancements and rose-inpired shades that would find its way to many, many beauty kits and purposes the world over.

What’s exciting about L’Absolu Rouge Definition today is the beautiful way in which the very notion of femininity is celebrated. Its range of bright and bold shades give just the ‘lift’ we need to get through some tougher-than-tough days, and celebrate one of the most fun things about being a woman every day. And don’t worry about ‘getting it right’ because that’s what the petal-shaped precision tip is designed for.

Here are our top picks (and some of the most interesting stories) from the collection. Pick one to update your collection or all five if it makes your heart sing. After all, we believe we’ve heard, “I have too many lipsticks!” said no woman ever – enjoy!

1. Le Carmin

Known as: The colour of singularity, N°195

Fun fact: this rich colour, which represents the ideal feminine, is also Penélope Cruz’s favourite shade! Story goes, when the Conquistadors conquered Mexico, they fell under the spell of the Aztec princesses, and their lips were dressed in the most smouldering of reds. Years later, the secret of carmine was uncovered and brought back to Spain as a rare and precious treasure.

2. Le Magenta

Known as: The pigment of spontaneity and joie de vivre, N° 388

There’s something indescribable about the effect of pinks and reds have on our moods – they simply make us happier. But above all, what’s really quite unique is the colour magenta because it appears in nature only in the most expception and rare event: when two rainbows collide.

3. Le Vermillon

Known as: The shade of hypnotic seduction, N° 184

As legend would have it, the goddess Usha of India was desperately in love with the god Surya. To seduce him, she decided to apply a vermillion dot between her eyes to hypnotise and captivate him. Having never previously noticed her, he suddenly found her irresistible – we take no responsibility for the effect you’ll have on others with this shade on!

4. Le Pourpre

Known as: The colour of irreverence, N° 294

Apparently in the Middle Ages, purple was associated with mystery, ambiguity and magic. With gradients of black, blue or red, this bewitching, mysterious colour has become synonymous with magicians, potion creators and witches, who were known to have used it to conceal their identities.

5. Le Sépia

Known as: The lovers’ secret, N° 285

Did you know: to wear sepia is to embrace a combination of elegance and discretion at the same time, because this colour is said to conceal more than it reveals. Fun fact: in the 18th century, sepia was used as an invisible ink by forbidden lovers to write letters whose words were erased in sunlight.

L’Absolu Rouge Definition, RM95.40 each, is available now at all Lancome counters nationwide.

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