5 Interesting ways Ginseng can save your skin

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By Wei Yeen Loh

5 Interesting ways Ginseng can save your skin

Ginseng’s long association as a tonic for medicinal purposes and health restoration has been recorded since its discovery in northern China 5,000 years ago. As each Ginseng from different geographical regions differ in properties and benefits, Korea’s Red Ginseng is touted to be the most effective in terms of optimum skincare and beauty, whereas the Chinese regard this herb to be a “regenerative elixir” for a lifetime of vitality. Here are five interesting facts you probably never knew about this super-root:

1. Empress Dowager Cixi of China’s Qing Dynasty’s beauty habit include keeping a slice of Ginseng in her mouth to ensure that her body is nourished at all times—although we can’t imagine how bitter (literally) of an experience that will be!

2. In the early 18th century, North American Indians considered Ginseng as a sacred herb that has a chockful of health benefits, from curing headaches and fevers to preventing bleeding from wounds.

3. In ancient times, Korean women of royal descent indulge themselves in a White Ginseng bath to achieve fairer, youthful and supple skin.

4. Fast forward to 2012, a study done by Korea University found that fermented Red Ginseng has enhanced anti-aging and whitening properties compared to regular Red Ginseng.

5. The scientific name for Korean ginseng is Panax — derived from the Greek phrase ‘to cure all’, aptly titled for its plant components (saponins) that help with skin regeneration along with strengthening the skin’s protective barrier. 

After 50 years of dedicated research to figure out ways of imbuing benefits of Ginseng into skincare products, Sulwhasoo’s Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum and Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Eye Cream were created by the Korean luxury cosmetics brand to reduce wrinkles and fine lines by promoting collagen synthesis for a fortified structure of elasticity.

As Ginseng’s potency decreases when it’s not kept in a cool environment, Sulwhasoo’s Capsulized Technology ensures that the Ginseng extracts are kept fresh inside the capsules, allowing for better absorption when applied onto the skin. 

A great tip to maximise on this line’s anti-aging efficacy is to use these two products along with Sulwhasoo’s First Care Activating Serum EX to create a sleeping eye mask for a ‘lifting’ effect around the eye area:

1. Mix 1 pump of First Care Activating Serum EX with a pea size of the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Eye Cream.

2. Apply a thin layer over the eye area and go to sleep.

3. Wash off the next morning for visibly suppler skin. 

Sulwhasoo’s Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum, RM520, and Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Eye Cream, RM590, are available at all Sulwhasoo Parkson outlets at Pavilion KL, KLCC, One Utama and Gurney Plaza Penang. 


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