3 Marvellous Gizmos That’ll Have You Primed to Perfection in Minutes

Go, Gadget, Go!


By Renyi Lim

3 Marvellous Gizmos That’ll Have You Primed to Perfection in Minutes

For a spotless, squeaky-clean complexion

Try: Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Deep Cleansing BrushRM 456

Take your facial cleansing regimen to the next level with Clinique’s new sonic-action brush head, which targets those hard-to-reach areas – your nose, hairline and chin, for instance – that your hands can’t manage. With two types of rounded bristles – firm, shorter bristles for oilier areas with clogged pores, and softer bristles for your face’s delicate areas – the oval-shaped brush head gently (but efficiently) lifts makeup, sebum and dirt from blemish-prone skin. To get the best out of your brush, team it with Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Gel, RM 106 and let it glide lightly over your whole face for 30 seconds – could it be any simpler?

For a firm, flawless booty

Try: bliss Fatgirl SlimulatorRM 99

This handy rubber scrubber, which has a specially designed nubby surface to wake up your skin’s circulation and stimulate the drainage of excess fluid and toxins, is all about that bass. After you’ve stepped out of the shower, use the scrubber to massage all cellulite-prone areas, like your buttocks and the backs of your thighs, in a ‘press, rotate and roll’ action that moves upwards in the direction of your heart. Pair it with bliss Fatgirl Sleep, RM 169, as a pre-bedtime routine to eliminate those annoying lumps and bumps.

For beautifully buffed feet

Try: Clarisonic PEDI Sonic Foot Transformation SystemRM 785

Putting your tootsies on display while you’re wearing your holiday sandals or going barefoot needn’t be a nerve-wracking experience. Tackle rough heels and toes with Clarisonic’s Pedi device, which smoothens your feet ten times better than manual buffing can. Its attachable Pedi Smoothing Disc sloughs away flaking foot skin using sonic technology, while the anti-bacterial Pedi Wet/Dry Buffing Brush Head exfoliates and polishes dry, damaged feet. You’ll be kicking off your shoes in no time!

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