3 Important but often overlooked features on hair dryers

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3 Important but often overlooked features on hair dryers

Drying our hair with a blast of hot air is probably commonplace in most of our daily routines. Yes, daily washing is touted as harmful and unnecessary but in our sticky humid clime, it can be tough putting hair care over the feeling of freshly washed tresses. On the same note, blow drying can cause significant distress to your crowning glory considering the frequency and the disregard at which it’s done.


Hair dryers these days actually come equipped with features to mitigate the damage that often go underutilized. As a matter of fact, some functions can help hair look even better and healthier.


1) Ionic drying

Positive ions emitted by blow dryers (usually of lower quality) can dry hair cuticles out and result in dull and frizzy hair that could be prone to breakage. Ionic technology diffuses negative ions that neutralize their positive counterparts and closes those cuticles to create smooth and static free strands.

2) Diffuser attachments

To be frank, conditioned and sleeker locks—thanks to ionic drying—can also result in flatter hair. This is where diffuser attachment comes in handy; whether you have fine ruler-straight hair or a healthy head of curls. Conventionally used to ‘set’ curls for a more natural finish, diffusers with longer fingers can be used to channel airflow to the roots for lift and separation. Say hello to voluminous hair and that professional blow-dried effect.

3) The cool shot button

A small button adorned with a snowflake print must be more gimmicky than functional right? Well, not really. The same way it’s advisable to wash your face with cold water to tighten pores, a cool stream of air also helps seal cuticles and sets the look for long-lasting hold and shine. When hair almost fully-dried, finish off with to cool air to prevent overheating.


The best thing about all these features is that they require almost no extra effort on our part; unlike using extra products like masks, serums, oils and the lot. On top of ticking all the boxes above, we love that the Panasonic Shine Boost Hair Dryer boasts of an impressive 2000W of power and innovative double external ion outlets that separates the outlet for negative ions from the central nozzle that emits hot air. Ions are sensitive to heat and by sending them in cool air, they retain moisture, which is then delivered to your hair. The Shine Boost also has a cool shot switch in place of a button—eliminating the (annoying) need to keep it constantly pressed while in use.

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Start treating your hair right and learn more about the Panasonic Shine Boost Hair Dryer here.

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