The best nail art trends we'll be wearing this October

The best nail art trends we'll be wearing this October

Nailing it

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

Trending nail art this month run the gamut from metallic chrome drip tips to crystal ball inspired digits

New month, new nails—October calls for a transitional prints and hues that will make your manicure the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. If you've already moved on from milk bath nails, cow prints and neon under-tips, try your hand at some of the recent Spring/Summer 2020 nail art spotted backstage.

But if runway-worthy styles and wearable Halloween designs aren't high on your list of manicure ideas to try, take on 13 unique looks that you can explore—whether you're a risk-taker or sucker for classics.

Get your nail artist on speed dial, stat, for your next appointment and don't forget to scroll through this before making up your mind.

Matte fall palette



Barely there nails



Abstract inky blots



Tortoiseshell in literal form



Tortoiseshell with heart-shaped tips



Swap tonal for multicolour nails



Rose matte fade



Chrome drips



Amber metallic



Ceramic chic



Transitional hues




Chocolate digits



Magic vortex