Take your performance further with Under Armour’s latest Vanish collection


By Gwen Ong

Take your performance further with Under Armour’s latest Vanish collection


In the world of sportswear, brands are often looking at innovations and technology to best support an athlete. Constant improvements are being explored and adopted to help take every individual further in her game. Whether you’re an amateur runner or a hardcore gym-goer, you know that it’s all about pushing boundaries. The latest Vanish collection by Under Armour is designed to do just that by providing the best workout experience to its wearer. See superwoman Jessie Graft demonstrates below:




The Vanish collection features the brand’s Microthread technology in the fabric. While Microthread isn’t new, Under Armour has updated the activewear to be lighter, cools quicker and does not stretch out. This translates to a flexible range that will keep you cool throughout. Hence, even when you’re doing your toughest activity, you can be assured of the ultimate comfort without compromising your performance or even passion.


You can choose from three different types of layers including loose for a more relaxed fit; fitted for a next-to-skin feel without the squeeze; and compression for a second skin fit with a locked-in snugness. Here we picked out some of the gears to inspire you to go further in your next workout session.

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Under Armour Vanish collection is now in stores and online. 



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