On the run with Adidas UltraBoost X

Going the distance


By Gwen Ong

On the run with Adidas UltraBoost X

My love-hate relationship with running started a year ago when my sedentary ghost ganged up with the weighing scale to scare me into being active. One year on, I’m nowhere being a fast runner but I’ve come to enjoy a good run and learn what adds up to a better performance.


The most important thing for a runner is, of course, a good pair of running shoes that suits his or her running style. I’ve tried on both cushioning and stability types of shoes for my runs with different responses from each pair. I find the cushioning offers softer, comforting support while stability tends to be firmer in keeping my feet in place and my gait balance. The Adidas UltraBoost X falls in the neutral or cushioning category.


First impression

Lacing up to the latest Adidas UltraBoost X, my feet felt snugged in the wrap-around Sockfit. Do note I did go half a size up for the right fit. The Adidas UltraBoost X is a pair of comfy shoes thanks to the woven Primeknit upper, which is designed to provide more breathability and help prevent friction. Initially I did find the back cutting into the heel a little though when my socks sit low. Nevertheless, the mesh-like fabric combined with the adaptive arch feature work to offer more support with every foot strike. Hence, greater flexibility.


Running ‘feet-back’

When I first started running, I like the feel of cushioning under my feet – it makes running more bearable. The Adidas UltraBoostX brings me back to that moment. Its Boost midsole is made up of tiny energy capsules or pellets that work to create a springy, shock-absorbing ride, so there’s literally a bounce in your step. Running feels charged and somewhat, floating. However, for runners who like to feel the ground as you run, this may not be the kind of feature you’d enjoy.

In the last month, I’ve put on the Adidas UltraBoost X for a few short runs and also a 10km race. It has served me well. Grip-wise, the outersole – made from Continental rubber – gives good traction even in rainy, wet conditions. The Sockfit did take a bit of getting used to or perhaps, breaking into. My feet tend to swell up when I run so the widest point gets tight in the shoes. But this has become less of an issue with every wear as it begins to mould to my feet.


Last thoughts

I’m continuing to alternate my runs with two types of running shoes just so I have greater variability in working different muscle group as well as foot strikes. Not to mention, to prolong each of the shoe’s mileage too. Plus, experts have found that rotating between two pairs of shoes to lower risk of injuries in runners. 


So, you can bet the Adidas UltraBoost X will be part of my repertoire. Its cushioning comfort will be a welcome relief when the going gets tough. Plus, it helps that the UltraBoost X also has a crossover fashion appeal. Did someone say athleisure wear? 


Adidas UltraBoost X retails at RM799; it is available online and across all stores nationwide. 


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