Review: Mococa Body Scrub and Purity Special Massage at Pure Energy Spa, Penang

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By Su Fen Tan

Review: Mococa Body Scrub and Purity Special Massage at Pure Energy Spa, Penang

A modern spa housed under the roof of Batu Ferringhi’s only beachside boutique resort—Lone Pine Hotel—Pure Energy Spa (part of the Energy Wellness Group) offers an extensive menu of treatments for a tranquil escape without breaking the bank.

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Bathed in light filtered through lush foliage, an open corridor led me into the charming reception area. I was then ushered into a hallway where the soft light of a private courtyard illuminated a row of private rooms.

At a spa, the experience is affected as much by ambient settings as the treatment itself. The gentle drapes of fabric from the ceiling, Japanese sliding doors invited and dimmed atmosphere invited a restful mood. After putting my hair up and changing into the minimal spa accroutrements, I was lulled into a state of bliss by a gentle tropical lullaby of wind chimes and the sounds of nature.

A mococa body scrub came first for my two-part treatment package that afternoon. Tailored to sensitive skin and purposed for hydration, the mococa scrub gently exfoliates without stripping the skin of its natural oils. The first thing I picked up on was its luscious smell of dark chocolate that gently punctuated the calm scent of lemongrass and peppermint that lingered in the spa. My fear of a harsh scrub that would leave my skin tender and irritated was immediately eradicated as I felt a satisfying polishing sensation of the fine grains being massaged into my skin.

About 45 minutes later when thoroughly exfoliated and covered in concoction, the therapist proceeded to cocoon me in the sheets to let the nourishing properties of the mococa scrub really settle in and work its magic. After what seemed like a brief snooze session, it was time for a rinse. I was led to a private bathroom with a warm shower already running and everything I needed beautifully set aside.

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With my new glowing and supple skin, I sank back into the massage bed for an hour-long full body massage session named the Purity Special. Aimed at purifying the body and mind, the massage involved deep long strokes to alleviate tension. The therapist applied just the right amount of pressure that I felt the intended effects of the massage without having to secretly wince in pain while blinking back tears. She could feel exactly where the knots in my back were and focused on the stiff spots with rhythmic kneads and firm finger work.

The hour was over before I was ready for the time to end. A few sips of tummy-warming ginger tea marked the end of the session. Having expressed my gratitude, I floated out of the premise with renewed skin, a reinvigorated body, and a rejuvenated spirit.


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