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I tried Strip’s Rosebud Vajuvenation for the first time and here’s my honest review


By Joanna Pinto

I tried Strip’s Rosebud Vajuvenation for the first time and here’s my honest review

Ever thought of treating your intimate area to some well-deserved TLC in the form of a facelift that rewinds the signs of time? If this is one of your New Year resolutions, then Strip’s Rosebud Vajuvenation (which we spoke about in September) is your answer. Your guess on what the term means is probably right—it’s a rejuvenating treatment for your vulva that puts the rosiness back in your rosebud (aka its former youthful glow) while reversing what gravity (and time) has done to it.

Now, I’ve been to countless waxing and IPL treatments but this was new to me—I never really considered a vajacial but you know what they say: don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! To pop my Vajuvenation cherry, I visited Strip Plaza Arkadia, one of its newer outlets in Desa ParkCity and had two sessions that were administered three weeks apart. Below, my honest review of the Brazilian facelift and answers to some of the burning questions you might have about the treatment.

How can you benefit from Rosebud Vajuvenation?

For starters, this treatment is suitable for everyone and if anti-ageing (for your skin down there) is your concern, this vajacial is right up your alley as it claims to reduce fine lines and firm up sagging skin while delivering an instant blush effect. In other words, a rosier and younger-looking labia!

How does it work and is it safe?

Don’t worry, the treatment is completely safe as it is non-invasive and non-surgical; in fact, it acts as an alternative to labiaplasty and works using Strip’s revolutionary Thermal O2 technology which combines radio frequency, vacuum suction and heat energy to stimulate collagen and elastin fibre production (for tightening and lifting) while enhancing blood circulation (read: plump, rosy skin) from deep inside the dermis layer.

Must you wax or shave before the treatment?

Ideally, your Brazilian area should be hair-free for a comfortable experience. However, if you’re a waxing or IPL regular and your growth has been really fine in between sessions, it should be no issue (as it was for me after a quick inspection by my therapist). Alternatively, a quick shave at home works just fine. That said, Strip advises customers to get a wax (or IPL, your choice) followed by the Rosebud Vajuvenation treatment for best results. PS: if you’re opting for a wax, their seasonal gingerbread wax is currently available for a limited time!

What happens in the treatment room?

My therapist started off by applying a thin layer of cooling gel on the area before proceeding to roll the Thermal O2 applicator over my skin repeatedly. A few back and forth movements later (along with the occasional sound of air escaping the handheld applicator when the vacuum misses a spot), I felt zero pain and only a slightly warm sensation that was—in all honesty—rather soothing.

After my therapist was done with one side (time check: only 10 minutes in), I’m shown a mirror for a before-and-after comparison. What I noticed was an overall improved appearance that was smoother and healthier, with less visible lines. The following 10 minutes was spent repeating the same process on the other side and then ending with a layer of cooling mask to calm and rehydrate the area. All in all, it was the speediest treatment (at a 20-minute record) I’ve ever done at Strip—so quick, you don’t even have time for a nap!

How many sessions to get before you see results?

To reap the full benefits of this treatment, Strip recommends going for at least six to eight sessions (with a two- to three-week interval between each time) before moving on to a maintenance programme every one to three months. Of course, results may vary depending on individual—some people may see drastic improvements after a couple of sessions while others may require more sessions before seeing visible results.

My verdict after two sessions

Compared to a wax or IPL, the rosebud treatment is way more relaxing, absolutely pain-free and super speedy—everything was done in a mere 20 minutes, which makes it easy to slot an appointment in during lunch. Plus, if you’re getting it done as a post-wax or post-IPL/AFT treatment, it’s the perfect way to pacify your rosebud petals after. Best part is, there’s zero down time so life can go on as per usual (a big bonus any busy, multi-tasking #bossgirl will appreciate).

While results were not incredibly major for me besides a few fine lines becoming less obvious, I did enjoy how relaxing the entire treatment was, even in the presence of a daunting IPL-like machine that would otherwise warrant sharp zaps of pain. Final verdict: if you ever feel like you’re in need of a confidence (and collagen) boost when lustre is lacking in your lady parts, trust this treatment to do just that with its magic wand that lifts and firms while putting you back in the pink of (feminine) health—quite literally—by restoring your former rosy glo(w)ry.

Rosebud Vajuvenation is available for RM400 per session at all Strip outlets nationwide. For more info, visit Strip’s website, Facebook or Instagram.


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