Hit refresh after the after party at Away Spa, W Bali – Seminyak



By Cai Mei Khoo

Hit refresh after the after party at Away Spa, W Bali – Seminyak

Located right smack in the heart of bustling Seminyak is an oasis of cool, the W Bali – Seminyak. Rows of bamboo plants arch over the long driveway, immediately transporting you far away from the crowds. To the right of the airy lobby, past a shallow pond with towering reeds swaying in the wind, is the entrance of the hotel’s aptly named Away Spa.


An air of tranquility welcomes you the moment you step into the spa. You’re then led to the ladies’ changing room to slip into a robe and slippers to prepare for your spa treatment. Within the changing room, there are also hot, and icy cold plunge pools—perfect for detoxification and increasing blood circulation, as well as a steam room, all of which can be use either before or after treatment.


To further enhance wellbeing and to relieve stress, head to the oxygen bar that’s surrounded with colour-changing LED lights, slip the mask over your face, and inhale deeply. Just a few deeps breaths will have you feeling more than ready for your spa treatment.


The massage I’d signed up for was the Morning After Energising Massage, a 90-minute treatment designed, as its name suggests, for the morning after you partied too hard at that beach club, but is also perfect for post-workout bodies, or jetlagged travellers looking for a sense of renewal.


After a foot soak and scrub, my therapist then handed me a slim bamboo stick, which we did long, slow stretches with, a unique start to the massage. The next hour and a half were pure bliss as my therapist kneaded out the knots in my muscles using her hands and forearms, applying pressure to all the right spots. The soothing scent of the massage oil—a fusion of fresh lime, basil, mint and rosemary leaves, further enhanced the state of semi-unconsciousness I was in, until I was gently awakened by my therapist at the end of the massage.


Post-massage, there are ample lounge areas to relax in, complete with copious amounts of freshly brewed herbal tea and healthy snacks to munch on, but a favourite would be the Chill Bar (still within the Away Spa), with its outdoor seating area where you can catch the last rays of the sun, or better yet, head to the hotel’s WooBar, for front row views of Bali’s stunning sunset. 

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