Father’s Day 2019: 7 Grooming gifts for dad to look and feel forever young


By Wei Yeen Loh

Father’s Day 2019: 7 Grooming gifts for dad to look and feel forever young

Everyday should be Father’s Day but if you’re looking for a good reason to make dad smile, gift him a grooming essential or two this Sunday as a way to show him your love and appreciation. From a multipurpose moisturiser to a sleek cleansing device that looks as good as it feels on the skin, these grooming gifts are what dad needs to look eternally youthful.

For the best shaving experience ever: Bleu De Chanel Shaving Cream and 2-in-1 Moisturizer for Face and Beard

Dad’s grooming routine just got elevated with Chanel’s new shaving essentials. Make Bleu De Chanel’s shaving cream and moisturiser a part of his everyday ritual. The former offers a precise shave for a custom line and cut alongside a flawless glide, while the latter is great for dad if he’s got a beard, moustache or close shave. The gel texture doesn’t leave a residue on facial hair and leaves skin moisturised and smooth at the same time.

A hairdryer of his own (so he doesn’t have to steal mum’s–or yours): Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer in Black/Nickel

Mum has been gifted Dyson’s special Mother’s Day edition, but what about dad? Indulge him with this sleek black and nickel variation of Dyson’s bestselling Supersonic Hairdryer. Armed with the Dyson digital motor v9, it spins at 110,000rpm (five times faster than a Formula One car engine) and is able to deliver powerful airflow to quickly dry hair.

For squeaky clean skin: Jack Black Charcoal Body Bar

Another multitasker to add in dad’s dopp kitt is Jack Black’s charcoal body bar that cleanses and exfoliates skin along with relieving tension. Make a case for this bar over body soap thanks to charcoal (to absorb odours and deodorise the skin), jojoba beads (to slough away dead skin cells) and glycerin (a natural humectant to balance the skin’s moisture levels).

For smoother skin (and shave): Foreo Luna 2 For Men

A couple of reasons to invest in this handy cleansing device: Firstly, it preps for a better shave by exfoliating dead skin cells and unclogging pores of dirt and oil, and secondly, it boasts an “anti-ageing side” that uses low-frequency pulsations to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dad’s about to age backwards with this new tool.

A new signature scent: Boss Bottled Infinite

Gift dad the power of an intriguing scent with Hugo Boss’ new take on masculinity. The Boss Bottled Intense is a combination of sparkling mandarin, apple, cinnamon and sage with a warm heart of patchouli, rosemary and lavender, coupled with rich olivewood and sandalwood for a smooth trail. What’s unique about this fragrance is that it’s the first from Boss that uses “diamond technology“, allowing the top and heart notes to last longer on the skin.

If he needs a lot more than just a face scrub: Malin+Goetz Detox Face Mask

If dad’s a busy man and doesn’t have the luxury of time for a facial, this Detox Mask by Malin+Goetz is the perfect skin saviour for him. Just five minutes is all it takes for it to foam up, lift impurities and oil from the skin. The formula has stable vitamin C, complex amino acids and natural almond extract to better treat dry, sensitive skin while imparting anti-ageing benefits.

In case he doesn’t get enough sleep: Shiseido Essential Energy Eye Definer

The eyes are the windows to the soul and if dad needs to hit the reset button to refresh his tired peepers, try Shiseido’s Eye Definer that works wonders on fatigued and dry eye areas. Packed with ashitaba extracts that are known to have regenerative properties, this formula is able to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dullness with a cool touch applicator.

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