Get him looking dapper with these stylish grooming tools

What a man!


By Gwen Ong

Get him looking dapper with these stylish grooming tools


With a proper grooming arsenal, a man can take on the world feeling his best and looking his absolute finest. As far as grooming habits are concerned, you can set your loved one on a road to success with Royal Selangor.


First impression counts more than you think. According to a research by Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, the lack of good grooming habits can seriously undermine a professional’s career. You’re more likely to be judged based on how you look before your competence or trustworthiness. Yikes!


The men’s accessories collection from Royal Selangor might just be able to help your man keep a polished appearance. Its grooming range includes a shaving set that is perfect to indulge in a proper old-school wet shave. The stand comes with a drip tray to hold a brush that is made with genuine badger bristle—great for whipping up a thick creamy lather. The refillable razor is decorated with sculpted oak and elm leaves—a nod to a refined English pastoral past, while the knurled band gives user an additional grip. Also in this collection are a shaving bowl in satin finish and a richly sculpted lid set with a fine-grained wood cabochon.


To help him take his refined appearance further, you’ll also find cufflinks with oak leaf and acorn motif, and a tie clip. There is also a shoehorn with sculpted woodland leaves design.


Royal Selangor men’s accessories collection is now available in store and online. 



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