4 Eco-friendly razors for a sustainable shaving routine


By Redzhanna Jazmin

4 Eco-friendly razors for a sustainable shaving routine

Plastic razors are probably the most wasteful product in your bathroom spread. According to the EPA, around 2 billion non-biodegradable disposable razors are thrown into landfill every year—accounting for the top 10 plastic products in the world polluting our environment. Sure, it’s easy to argue that the reason why disposable razors are so ubiquitous is because they are the cheaper and more convenient option for grooming.

However, while it may appear so, the reality is that disposable razors cost much more when you take into account how quickly they dull and how often they require replacing. Basically, you end up spending far more on replacement cartridges and refills than you would simply investing in any of these other options.

So, if you’re interested in saving the planet and getting a closer shave while you’re at it, here are our four picks for the best eco-friendly alternatives to your disposable razor.

Electric razors

Pros: This option is the easiest alternative—it’s quick and easy, works well wet or dry, and more or less does the job.

Cons: The only thing is that it may be a little on the fiddly side as the head of the shaver may not be able to get into the nooks and crannies of your face (butt-chinned fellas know the struggle).

Either way, if you’re keen on a convenient as-and-when-needed shave, this Braun electric razor will be a most suitable friend.

Safety razors

Pros: Your grandpa (or neighbourhood hipster) was onto something—the old-timey safety razor gets you a much closer shave, and replacement blades cost pennies compared to replacement cartridges.

Cons: Like any other worthwhile item, it’s an investment—the hefty upfront payment is hard on your wallet in the moment, but will save you many big bucks in the long run. (This one by Truefitt and Hill is a particularly stellar specimen.)

You’ll need to learn proper technique and get that sorted, to avoid nicks and cuts but other than that it’s easy as pecan pie! Here’s a guide to shaving with a safety razor below:

Straight-edge razor

ProsDovo is one or the most revered brands on the market and they have a generous array of options for straight razors—perfect for if you’d like to go proper old-school (or if you’d just like to feel like a regular Sweeny Todd). The straight razor has the longest life and the closest of shaves

Cons: … but also the highest risk of danger (which makes it sexy). It definitely requires a lot of technique and getting used to and the blade needs to be sharpened and stropped from time to time, but other than that it’s relatively easy to maintain and use.

Luckily, we live in the age of YouTube so there are lots of tutorials to get you on your way:

Recycled razors

ProsBulldog, among many other brands, has released a more eco-friendly, plastic free version of your disposable razor. If you simply can’t ditch the convenience of a disposable razor, at least the bamboo handle on Bulldog’s alternative helps reduce plastic waste while maintaining the benefits of its plastic counterpart.

So there you have it—four sustainable (and, arguably, better) alternatives for your disposable razor. Are you going to give them a go?

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