Adwoa Aboah delves into mental health activism, her beauty routine, and her new gig at Jo Malone London

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

By now, you’ve likely heard of Adwoa Aboah. Best known for her work on the runway and as the founder of Gurls Talk, the model has made quite the name for herself in the industry.

Now, she has yet another title to add to her colourful resume—that of Jo Malone London’s newest Global Ambassador.

We recently sat down with the British-Ghanaian model to talk about her new gig at Jo Malone London, her ride-or-die beauty must-haves, and her work in mental health advocacy. Find our full exclusive ahead:


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BURO: How did this collaboration between you and Jo Malone London come about?

AA: “I think quite naturally and organically. It really started with me being a genuine fan of Jo Malone London, and then us entering into discussions as to how they wanted to push things forward on a more global level, and truly the alignment of our values and commitment to doing good.”


BURO: What drew you to the Jo Malone London brand?

AA: “Being from London, Jo Malone London has always been a brand that I’ve had so much respect for, given their high-quality fragrances, as well as their commitment to charity work and mental health.”


BURO: What is your favourite fragrance from the brand’s lineup?

AA: “English Pear and Freesia gives me an experience, not just a scent. It’s the feeling of something fresh and clean and reminds me of a long summer day.”



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BURO: Jo Malone London is famous for its scent pairing—what’s your favourite fragrance pairing from the brand’s line-up?

AA: “Jo Malone London’s Oud and Bergamot Cologne Intense with English Pear and Freesia is such a great pairing. It adds a real depth to the fragrance.

“I love the Glowing Embers Townhouse candle for the home, so pairing that with English Pear and Freesia really lightens up my space.”


BURO: Do you have any particular fragrance tips?

AA: “I believe that less is more, but always make sure you wear it, though!”


BURO: What is a fragrance-related memory that still sticks with you today?

AA: “I love that scent can remind you of a person that you haven’t seen in a long time, or are no longer with us. My favourite scent memories remind me of people from the past. And my first memory of Jo Malone London was Red Roses—the perfume that my mum wears.”



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BURO: What has been the most exciting part of your new ambassadorship?

AA: “I think it’s actually two-fold. Firstly, as a global ambassador, I have the ability to really understand the inner workings of the brand, and how they develop and bring to life all of these wonderful fragrances.

“I also love the way they communicate their messages and that I get to be quite creatively involved in the assets and campaigns that we create.

“Additionally, I would be remiss not to mention my admiration for the work and commitment to mental health that they have had, even before our working together.”


BURO: You’re a professional model by trade—has this new venture with Jo Malone London pushed you out of your comfort zone at all?

AA: “I’m not sure that it’s pushed me out of my comfort zone as much as it’s allowed me to align what I love about the creative process of working with a brand on their campaign messaging, as well as the approach to doing good work on the mental health side.”



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BURO: What does your everyday beauty routine look like?

AA: “I have both a rigorous daytime and nighttime routine. I’ve had issues with my skin in the past; therefore, my routine is familiar and well-adhered to.”


BURO: What are your absolute must-haves in your beauty arsenal?

AA: “Jan Marini SPF. SkinCeuticles Vitamin C Redness Neutraliser. Wonderful! Equi London nutritional supplements. 111Skin face and eye masks. Rhode peptide lip treatment. Angela Gaglia gold cryo facial wands. And English Pear and Freesia, of course.”


BURO: What is one piece of beauty advice you’d like to pass on?

AA: “Do what works for you, even if it isn’t on trend.”



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BURO: You founded Gurls Talk back in 2015, and it has since gone on to garner a significant following. What was the goal of launching the project and how do you see it growing in the next few years?

AA: “I grew up struggling with my mental health and feeling like I had no one to turn to for support or information. I started Gurls Talk to provide just that—a safe space where girls can come to for resources and community, so they never have to feel alone in their mental health journeys.

“We recently became a non-profit organization in the US and have launched a number of programs, including free mental health resources, community convenings and dialogues, and an ambassador program for young mental health advocates. We’re continuing to grow our work by developing new programming in schools and expanding internationally.”


BURO: Your birthday has just come and gone in May—how are your 30s going and what are you most looking forward to in this decade?

AA: “Early nights. I am not kidding. I am so excited to not be swept away with the current anymore and to be grounded in the things I have spent years being a young adult trying. My hobbies, my friends, my family. Life is what happens when you are making plans.”



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BURO: You’re known for your activism—what exactly does activism mean to you?

AA: “Activism sounds a little aggressive at times – like a professional shouter. When I think of myself as an activist it’s more of a kind and dignified conversation.

“I arm myself with the statistics, the facts, the undeniable evidence we’re seeing every day in the community. I have the opportunity to be a voice for young women who struggle to be heard. Activism is the act for others and not just for oneself.”


BURO: What is one thing you’d like to be known for in this lifetime?

AA: “The answer will always, always be kindness.”


BURO: Many girls and women look up to you, but who are some of your personal inspirations?

AA: “Tillett Wright, Janaya, Future Khan, Julia Samuel, my mumma but, above all, the community.”


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