When it comes to celebrations and special moments, no one understands it better than Moët & Chandon but for an occassion specifically inspired by love—both the romantic kind and the one for close friends and family—there's the Moët Rosé Impérial. With the upcoming festive season and Valentine's Day, they've unveiled the limited edition bottle for 2017: Moët Rosé Impérial Emoëticons. 

moet rose imperial emoeticons

The inspiration is exactly like how its name sounds: emojis and emoticons. After all, they are one of the ways to communicate these days with an estimate of six billion emojis used everyday. Similar to emojis as a universal and multigenerational language, the Moët Rosé Impérial Emoëticons comes with stickers so you can personalise the bottle to speak your heart out. From champagne bottles and flutes to eyes and lips to heart sunglasses to words like pop!, kiss, and love, there are endless ways to convey your love with a bottle of Moët Rosé Impérial Emoëticons. 

moet rose imperial emoeticons

Peek inside the box and you'll find that the Moët Rosé Impérial Emoëticons Limited Edition bottle is dressed in a festive pink sleeve, with a burst of Emoëticons tumbling out from behind the label. Peel open the front label and you'll see other stickers you can use to personalise the bottle (or other favourite possessions). All in all, it'll make for a great gift or as a accompaniment to any party. 


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