A wonderful creation inspired by the healing energies of the sea, Crème de la Mer is renown for its ability to transform the look of skin. The key to timeless, radiant skin, the iconic crème improves firmness, reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pores, leaving the skin looking virtually ageless.

What began as a transformative experience for one man is now a celebrated creation around the world. When Dr. Max Huber turned to the healing energies of the sea to transform the look of his skin after suffering burns in a laboratory, a legend was born in the Miracle Broth, the soul of the cream that renewed and helped restore his skin.

Today, we celebrate 50 years of the iconic crème and the brand's legendary story with a limited edition collector's jar. Designed to reflect the rich hue of Miracle Broth, this exclusive Crème de la Mer features the brand signature from Dr. Huber's very first jar and a lovely sheen of brushed amber gold.