Tiffany & Co. offers a twist in tradition

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By Buro247

Tiffany & Co. offers a twist in tradition

Celebrating 175 years of supremacy in the diamond industry, Tiffany & Co. continues to expand its extensive selection of engagement and wedding rings by presenting customers with its contemporary take – rose gold rings.

In contrast to the cool aura exuded by classic platinum styles, rose gold emanates a warm feel that perfectly complements blush undertones of the skin, offering a sophisticated alternative for those who truly aspire to celebrate modern love.

Despite its twist from tradition, the assortment of 18k rose gold rings maintains the air of elegance that Tiffany creations possess, whilst also refining the myriad of styles and designs on offer.

For the girl who prefers the classics

Rose gold aside, Tiffany & Co. continues to uphold its heritage and tradition with its iconic platinum Tiffany setting, the perfect symbol to tie the knot of a lifetime. Alongside this classic, platinum and diamonds of all cuts and sizes have come together to produce a collection that radiates opulence.  With 99.96% of the world’s gem-grade diamonds falling short of its standards, Tiffany & Co. ensures that the quality of its jewels are not understated nor forgotten.

The best of both worlds

For those who are caught in-between tradition and modernity, Tiffany & Co.’s wedding bands are available in not only platinum, rose and yellow gold, but also a fusion of two metals, catering to the tastes of both men and women.  With the bands available in a variety of designs and metals, with or without diamonds, the combinations of layering are endless, enabling customers to imbue their own personal touch as they stack together rings that signify celebrations and milestones of their respective lives. 



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