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Svetlana Kupriyanova enlightens us about Carrera y Carrera’s Universo collection

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By Wei Yeen Loh

Svetlana Kupriyanova enlightens us about Carrera y Carrera’s Universo collection

Internationally-renowned Spanish jewellery company Carrera y Carrera unveiled their Universo collection during Baselworld 2015—four lines inspired by an old travel diary found in Madrid, filled with his philosophy, memories and vague recollections, and also an endless fascination with the Lady of Elche, a 2,600-year old sculpture found in Spain in 1897. Incorporating amethysts, prasiolites, pink sapphires, and smoky quartz into four different lines—Origen, Alegoría, Savia, and Prisma, the collection pays homage to eternal femininity and elegance. 

We had a quick chat with CEO Svetlana Kupriyanova, who waxes lyrical about Universo’s inspiration, her personal favourite from this collection, and what we can expect from the brand in time to come:

Spanish culture is a constant reference point for Carrera y Carrera. How does the brand ensure that each collection is different to the other? 

Spain has always been a country with a great culture behind it. For many centuries, Spain was the foremost of the world powers, above all during the Spanish Golden Age (the XIV and XV centuries).  Spain had colonies in practically every part of the globe, and for this reason Spanish culture is so broad and carries within it so many shades of other cultures.  We have enriched our own culture with the rest of those other cultures.

Today, Carrera y Carrera drinks from all of that tradition and wisdom of the Spanish Golden Age, and also draws on the creativity of a period during which Spain led Europe. To stroll through the streets of Madrid, Barcelona, Seville or Bilbao (for example), to speak with the locals, allows our designers’ inspiration to flow endlessly.

Please tell us your thoughts on Universo?

Universo is a collection based on an archaeological find without equal — the Lady of Elche, a sculpture that symbolizes the beginning of life, of the world, of everything. The Lady of Elche is the answer to all of those questions that human beings have always asked.


Is there a significance behind each medium used in each line of the Universo collection?

This year, in addition to the inimitable design of the Carrera y Carrera pieces, we have created jewels with special meaning. The selection of gemstones that makes up the jewels of the Universo collection have a lot to do with the benefit they bring to the woman wearing them — diamonds, amethysts, onyx, and sapphires. Furthermore, in this latest collection, we have included a unique and very special stone — Ametrine, which is half amethyst, half citrine, a magical and truly exclusive jewel.


A personal favourite piece within this collection?

The Universo piece that features this ametrine stone is one of my favourites.  It is a ring from the Alegoría line, symbolizing a butterfly in yellow gold, and the facets and shape of the stone in addition to its special colour make this piece something innovative, avant-garde, and truly elegant.


How would you describe the Carrera y Carrera woman?

The Carrera y Carrera woman is a woman who is sure of herself, judicious, full of personality, fun, cosmopolitan, and very special. Someone independent and in love with life, with her life especially. Definitely a great woman.


What are you currently inspired and intrigued by? How does this translate to your work philosophy at Carrera y Carrera?

At Carrera y Carrera, we are truly interested in culture.  In all its senses, not just in what pertains to Spanish culture.  We like to soak up everything that is happening in the world and enrich ourselves. In particular, we are interested in the goals and achievements of great women, from the Lady of Elche, to Madame Bovary, Carme Ruscalleda and Malala and Zaha Hadid (the woman to whom we have dedicated this year’s Woman of the Year Award, for what she has brought to and changed about the world of architecture as we knew it.)


What else can we expect from Carrera y Carrera in the year to come?

Soon we will present a special collection to celebrate love, a very special collection through which Carrera y Carrera wishes to invite its customers to create a unique jewel. But always something surprising, always something beautiful, and always elegant with special jewels.

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