June birthstone: The best pearl jewellery to shop this month


By Joan Kong

June birthstone: The best pearl jewellery to shop this month

When it comes to birthstones, those who are born in June have not one but three gems that are uniquely theirs—pearls, moonstones, and alexandrite. That said, our eyes are on the lustrous pearls this month for one simple reason: they’re the only gemstone made by a living creature.

Dubbed the “queen of gems and the gem for queens”, pearls were originally reserved for royalty and nobility as they were considered the greatest sign of social status and wealth. Found inside the tissue of living saltwater or freshwater mollusc (an oyster or a mussel), the organic jewel forms when the mollusc secretes nacre (organic-inorganic composite material) around irritants such as sand or a parasite in its shell.

It wasn’t until 1893 when Japanese entrepreneur Kōkichi Mikimoto successfully cultured a pearl which boosted the gem’s accessibility. A small shell bead along with a piece of mantle tissue is implanted into live oysters raised on farms. Centuries later, they account for the majority of pearl sales today.

Long associated with the power of femininity, the June birthstone also symbolises purity, humility, and new beginnings. Aside from the white hue, it can also be found in pink, gold, green, blue, grey, and black.

Our selections this month are made up of a mixture of classic and modern designs. Some of the most noteworthy designs include the contemporary ear cuffs from Jemma Wynne and KatKim (the former features freshwater pearls and white and black diamonds); a striking pearl-safety pins necklace from the Mikimoto x Comme des Garçons collab; a sleek ring with a peekaboo pearl from Yael Sonia and more.

Shop them below:

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