BURO Spotlights: Fope’s first Malaysian standalone flagship store at The Exchange TRX



By Benedict Unang

Featured images courtesy of Fope
BURO Spotlights: Fope’s first Malaysian standalone flagship store at The Exchange TRX

In a brilliant move that mirrors the grace of its iconic jewellery, Fope has set its sights on expanding its footprint in Malaysia with the inauguration of its very first standalone flagship boutique at The Exchange TRX. This signifies a pivotal moment for the esteemed Italian jewellery house, having been exclusively presented by Suen Jewellers over the last decade. The latest expansion opens doors for Malaysians to indulge in the brand’s unparalleled craftsmanship, seamlessly intertwining rich heritage with contemporary design. 

Occupying an area inside Seibu, the newly opened store aligns with Fope’s commitment to not only position itself in major fashion hubs but also provide an immersive shopping experience. As you enter the carefully curated space, you will discover an array of collections, including the Flex’it bracelets alongside necklaces and rings from the Eka and Solo series. Each piece serves as a manifestation of the brand’s relentless dedication to upholding the highest standards of quality and fostering a spirit of innovation. 

Fope recently organised an exclusive gathering to celebrate the store’s opening. Among the distinguished attendees were Mr. Umberto Cazzola, the President of Fope, joined by his wife, Mrs. Marilisa Cazzola, who concurrently holds the position of Chief Marketing Officer. Also in attendance were H.E. Massimo Rustico, the Ambassador of Italy to Malaysia, and Ms. Lee Sze Suen, the visionary founder and CEO of Suen Jewellers.

When asked about the store’s opening at Seibu, Cazzola remarks: “With our flagship stores already gracing six significant destinations worldwide, including Kuala Lumpur, this expansion marks a thrilling milestone for Fope. It’s not just about opening another store; it’s about igniting the passion for Italian luxury in the hearts of Malaysians and beyond.” Likewise, Lee eagerly expresses her excitement about continuing the journey with Fope, bringing a touch of Italian style to the latest luxury spots in the city. 

Following the event, we had a quick chat with Mrs Marilisa Cazzola to find out more about her vision for the store, her preferred jewellery collection, and more. 


As Malaysia is the first country to have two FOPE boutiques, can you share what attracted you to the Malaysian market?

“I think the support from our local clients has been a major factor in our choice to launch the store. I’m glad that Malaysians find our designs and their versatility appealing. We’ve also been working with Suen Jewellers for a while, so I believe it’s time for us to grow our presence here in Malaysia.”


What plans do you have for the new standalone flagship store?

“Now that the Luna collection has been launched in store, we are excited to introduce more collections throughout the year. Our priority with this flagship store is to carry novel offerings that the local markets have never seen before.”


As a family-run business, do you ever feel under pressure to expand?

“Not really. As you can see, we have opened more stores lately, including this one and another in Japan. We look forward to opening more outlets around the world.”


Which collection is your favourite, and why?

“I like the Luna collection because the circular shapes of the jewellery and the quadrilateral gold mesh mix nicely together. I think that makes it look bold and beautiful.”


What do you want people to associate or remember your brand with?

“I want Fope to be remembered as a brand that embodies classic elegance yet remains innovative, incorporating high-end technology.”


Fope @ The Exchange TRX

Address: Seibu Ground Floor, The Exchange TRX, 55188 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: 10AM-10PM (Monday to Sunday)

Contact: 03-4820 980 



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