Everything you need to know about the Cartier Women’s Initiative 2024

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By Benedict Unang

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Everything you need to know about the Cartier Women’s Initiative 2024

Did you know that women have always been integral to Cartier’s legacy? Since 2006, the luxury Maison has been dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurs through the Cartier’s Women Initiative. This program shines a spotlight on women impact entrepreneurs, offering essential financial, social, and human capital support to expand their businesses and develop their leadership skills. It has also been instrumental in fostering a more inclusive society and accelerating positive change. “Through our long-standing commitment, all together, we have enabled breakthroughs, provided significant support and delivered impact,” said Cyrille Vigneron, CEO of Cartier.

This year, the Cartier Women’s Initiative embraced the theme ‘Forces For Good’ and honoured 33 fellows from every corner of the world, including Peru, Morocco and Vietnam. These fellows represent the top three businesses from each of the nine regional awards, along with recipients of the thematic awards: the ‘Science & Technology Pioneer Award’ introduced in 2021 and the ‘Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award’ launched in 2023.

Grant funding of 100,000 USD will be given to the winners in first place; second and third-place winners will get 60,000 USD and 30,000 USD, respectively. In addition, each of the 33 fellows will receive individualised coaching and mentorship, media exposure, networking opportunities, and education courses from the prestigious business school INSEAD.



To celebrate these exceptional achievements, an award ceremony was held in Shenzhen, China, hosted by Danish-British writer and gender equality advocate Sandi Toksvig. The event commenced with a captivating performance by the dance department of the Zhejiang Conservatory of Music. Cyrille Vigneron then delivered a speech, expressing pride in supporting the dynamic community of changemakers and reaffirming the brand’s belief that when women thrive, humanity thrives.

The ceremony was graced by a few guests of honour as well, namely American supermodel Karlie Kloss and Olympic diving champion Guo Jingjing. As influential figures driving change, they both shared profound insights into gender equality and underscored the importance of inclusivity in empowering individuals to unlock their full potential.

Another highlight of the evening was the announcement of the 2025 edition, which will focuses entirely on impact. Scheduled for May 22, 2025, at the Women’s Pavilion during the World Expo in Osaka, Japan, the upcoming edition will pay tribute to former fellows whose ventures have achieved notable, measurable impacts within their respective fields. The ceremony will honour nine impact awardees across various categories that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Improving Lives, Preserving the Planet, and Creating Opportunities.

In the meantime, let’s acknowledge this year’s Cartier’s Women Initiative recipients: 


The eleven first-place awardees

  • Latin America and the Caribbean: Marlene Molero Suárez, Peru, ELSA
  • North America: Julia Taylor, United States, GeekPack
  • Europe: Mira Nameth, United Kingdom, Biophilica
  • Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa: Isabelle Kamariza, Rwanda, Solid’Africa
  • Anglophone and Lusophone Africa: Titi Adewusi, Nigeria, 9ijakids
  • Middle East and North Africa: Salma Bougarrani, Morocco, Green Watech
  • East Asia: Jiwon Park, South Korea, Saib
  • South Asia and Central Asia: Mansi Jain, India, DigitalPaani
  • Oceania: Simran Kaur, New Zealand, Girls That Invest
  • Science & Technology Pioneer Award: Lynne Lim, Singapore, NousQ
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award: Sadriye Görece, United States, BlindLook


The eleven second-place awardees

  • Latin America and the Caribbean: Isabela Chusid, Brazil, Linus
  • North America: Jessica Menon, United States, Equilo
  • Europe: Amaia Rodríguez, Spain, Gravity Wave
  • Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa: Jessica Long, Senegal, Maad
  • Anglophone and Lusophone Africa: Claire Van Enk, Kenya, Farm to Feed
  • Middle East and North Africa: Rania Gaafar, Egypt, Adva
  • East Asia: Emily Yu, China, Ginger Ah
  • South Asia and Central Asia: Ira Guha, India, Asan
  • Oceania: Alison Harrington, Australia, Resparke
  • Science & Technology Pioneer Award: Ninna Granucci, France, Green Spot Technologies
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award: Akshita Sachdeva, India, Trestle Labs


The eleven third-place awardees

  • Latin America and the Caribbean: Mercedes Bidart, Colombia, Quipu
  • North America: Kyla Bolden, Canada, Wiz Kid Learning
  • Europe: Laura Harnett, United Kingdom, Seep
  • Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa: Victoria Munguti, Rwanda, HeptaPay
  • Anglophone and Lusophone Africa: June Muchuku, Kenya, Plumbee
  • Middle East and North Africa: Shahira Youssef, Egypt, Chitosan Egypt
  • East Asia: Xintong Du, China, VoiceChanger
  • South Asia and Central Asia: Marina Tran-Vu, Vietnam, Equo
  • Oceania: Frances Bilbao, Australia, Mums Matter Psychology
  • Science & Technology Pioneer Award: Monika Tomecka, Scotland and Poland, uFraction8
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award: Erica Cole, United States, No Limbits





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