Introducing Les Talismans de Chanel

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By Buro247

Introducing Les Talismans de Chanel

Capturing the mystical and magnetic nature of precious totems, Chanel debuts ‘Les Talismans de Chanel’ — an alluring collection that lies between emotion and expression.  An ethereal amalgam of talismanic force and quintessential Chanel symbolism, the collection ranges from earrings and rings to necklaces and cuffs, set and crafted with diamonds and gold to achieve a compelling sense of unity. 

Reminiscent of the classic Chanel camellia, the collection’s idiosyncratic leitmotif — the quatrefoil pattern permeates a strange alchemy through its geometric and organic design, channelling a tribal energy that uncovers the jewels’ hidden powers. Designed to radiate its enigmatic aura, these jewellery pieces are glazed in multi-coloured lacquer and enamel, then further encrusted with Japanese cultured pearls and sapphires.

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