24 Minutes with the founders of MYJN, a Malaysian demi-fine jewellery brand that has a minimalist core

24 Minutes with the founders of MYJN, a Malaysian demi-fine jewellery brand that has a minimalist core

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Text: Joan Kong

Image: @myjn_official

We spoke to the founders to gain more insight into the world of MYJN

Demi-fine jewellery has seen a rise in popularity in recent years, and the reasons are simple. High in quality sans the hefty price tag, the pieces embody the qualities of both fine and costume jewellery that we love, and the stylish designs make for great everyday wear.

In Malaysia, there are a number of brands that have hopped on the demi-fine bandwagon such as Wanderlust + Co and Kin, but the one name that’s leading the pack goes to MYJN. Named after its founders May and Jun (who are both partners in business and in life), the label may only be two years young, but it has been making waves for its ultra-chic designs. Crafted with a minimalist aesthetic coupled with a sustainable core, the jewellery is made from responsibly and ethically sourced materials, and handmade by local caster and setter.\

Want to get to know the brand more? Below, we got in touch with the founders who gave us more insight into the world of MYJN:

Tell us more about MYJN. How did the brand come about?

Jun: We started MYJN in June 2018. Before MYJN, I used to have a pop-up store selling crystal accessories at the night market, and May was a digital creator and photographer. Together, we had the idea of selling women’s jewellery that are high in quality and still have an accessible price point. And most importantly, pieces that are unlike what you see in the market.

We did our research and we noticed that vermeil is hypoallergenic, more durable, and will not tarnish, which led to the creation of our label. We were one of the first demi-fine jewellery brands two years ago, but it was very tough in the beginning. During the creation of our website, we only slept for three hours a day. We spent all our savings on creating a label with one aim: To create high-quality pieces for our customers.

Has MYJN always embraced a minimalist aesthetic since the start?

Yes, we love minimalistic designs so it's something that we've stuck to since the start. Although there might be people who are not a fan of our pieces, we believe that the brand carves out a niche in the market.

MYJN is a digital-only brand. Are there any plans to open a storefront in the future?

We don’t have any plans for a physical store at the moment, but we do have a studio that’s available for invited customers.

How frequent are there new collections?

You can expect new pieces every week.

Where are your customers mostly from?

Most of our customers come from Malaysia and Singapore, but we have orders coming in from as far as Norway too.

Do you have a favourite jewellery brand?

LA-based jewellery brand Amarilo that specialises in solid gold jewellery.

Engagement rings are no doubt a big market. Are there any plans to tap into diamond pieces?

That is not our brand’s direction, so we will never introduce diamonds into the mix.

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

We started MYJN with RM4,000. Every sleepless night since the beginning of 2018 is unforgettable, and we’re really thankful and appreciative of what we have right now.

What’s the best and worst parts about working with your other half?

May is the most talented photographer, and a scroll through the brand's Instagram profile will prove that. But the worst aspect is that since she’s my girlfriend, I have to maintain the balance of being a good business partner and a good boyfriend too.

What’s next for the brand?

We’ll be launching our men’s line and a 14k solid gold collection. And on top of that, a fragrance and beauty brand is also currently in the works. Stay tuned!