Episode 4
Buro Malaysia is all about supporting local talent and among those local talents are our very own Malaysian photographers. Like all things related to art, the people in the said field have a keener eye for hidden gems; and a stronger hunger for seeking out new places. With BMW Malaysia, we'll be taking Malaysian photographers back to their hometowns, exploring their nostalgic backyard (where to eat, what to see, where to go) while getting to know who they are behind the gorgeous photographs they take.
It's a road trip!

Photography taught me to be patient. In order to get a perfect shot, patience is necessary. So much goes into getting the best result, from doing research about the location and waiting for the right time. Being patient is extremely important when it comes to the art of photography. I have also learned that different genres of photography require different skills.
Located at the corner beside Masjid Zahir, this cosy cafe serves local Kedahan dishes such as Squid Turmeric, Ayam Rendang, and Sweet Sour Fish.
I don't consider myself a photographer. I prefer to call myself a content creator. In fact, I produce videos, photos, and campaigns. In photography, I enjoy taking landscape shots.
A short scenic drive past paddy fields will lead you to this joint right where the Straits of Malacca meets the Kuar Jawa River. What to get here? The way-too-delicious mee udang, of course! Tip: Go just before sunset for mesmerising colours of the horizon.
I think Kedah is a very popular state among Malaysians. However, most of them only know and visit Langkawi Island. Kedah is the rice bowl of Malaysia and there is where most of the country's rice comes from. As for Jitra itself, it's a modern town with numerous academic establishments and it's also near the main airport in Kedah. Along with easy access to the border of Thailand, Jitra is a really popular place to visit.
Built in 1912, the state mosque of Kedah is one of the oldest mosques in Malaysia; and also one of the most beautiful with intricate details in its architecture.
I started taking photography seriously after I signed up for an Instagram account. It helped me connect with other Instagrammers. There's a community where we can share and discuss about photography, such as techniques and editing. Thanks to them, I became quite serious
about what I do.
At 165.5 metres, this is the tallest building in Kedah and also the only tower in the world to be surrounded by paddy fields.
The longest I have waited for a photo was two hours. I was in Australia and it was to capture the Milky Way. It was totally dark on top of the mountain but we can see the stars clearly. I waited for a while until the Milky Way was at the exact position that I wanted. What did I do while waiting? I drank coffee.
This popular restaurant in Jitra is always packed with patrons! Head here for the yummy dishes such as the grilled meatsand seafood as well as the ginormous (and refreshing) coconut shake.
Jitra is near Alor Setar, the capital city of Kedah. In fact, it's only a 15 to 20-minute drive. There are plenty of food spots, with char kuey teow being the most popular. Jitra-ians love char kuey teow. This is the perfect town for food hunters. If you enjoy nature, there are waterfalls to visit. Yes, that's my Jitra.
All photos featured here were taken with an iPhone 11 Pro.
Produced by: Rachel Au
Hosted by: Ronn Tan
Videography: Octopost Studio
Photography: Zarnizar
Layout by: Calleigh Yap
Car: BMW X5 xDrive40i

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