Episode 3
Buro Malaysia is all about supporting local talent and among those local talents are our very own Malaysian photographers. Like all things related to art, the people in the said field have a keener eye for hidden gems; and a stronger hunger for seeking out new places. With BMW Malaysia, we'll be taking Malaysian photographers back to their hometowns, exploring their nostalgic backyard (where to eat, what to see, where to go) while getting to know who they are behind the gorgeous photographs they take.
It's a road trip!
Photography has taught me a lot. In photography itself, there is a community. You learn about friendship when you go on outings with them. We communicate and exchange ideas. It has been six years since I started doing this and it has been really fun. Who knows maybe one day I will
be a professional.
Amsyar Naaif
From handcrafted soft serve ice cream to artisan pancakes to coffee, this cafe isn't just Instagram-worthy, it also has amazing offerings.
I've been doing photography since 2013... so it's been six years. I started gaining an interest when I first got my iPhone 5S. I took all kinds of photos in every type of environment. I just kept taking.
Long and wide, this is a popular spot for locals, especially if they wanted to fly a wau (kite). Oh, it's also the spot to watch the sunset in Kota Bharu.
Where are the places that photography have brought me? I've been to Bromo, Indonesia with Air Asia, Digi and my fellow friends. I've also been to Hokkaido, Japan. It's amazing.
What do they serve: Two words: nasi kukus! The wide selection of lauk includes the must-have fried chicken, prawns, and ikan bilis. Don't forget to try their special sauce; it's spicy!
My plan for now is focused on exploring Malaysia first. In September, I went to Terengganu and I went hiking. It was an eight-hour hike and I had to carry a load that weighed at least 15kg. After the long trek, you can see the view and it'll definitely be worth the long hike.
There's nothing better than a simple kaya and butter toast for breakfast. Accompany it with a cup of coffee? Even better!
It's very different if you either grow up in a
big city like Kuala Lumpur or a village. For the latter, it's mostly how the environment has a lot of nature. Kota Bharu is special because it has a lot of traditional buildings... and the food too! Kelantan is quite near to the Thai border so the food has Thai influences. Nasi kerabu is a must-try. Oh, most of the food in
Kelantan are manis (sweet)!
The market is filled with colours galore on the inside as well as locals selling Kelantanese goodies such as vegetables and unique kuih-muih you'll never find anywhere else.
I love travelling. This allows me to make new friends and connections when I'm at different places. That's my vision at the moment. During my trip to Terengganu, there were ten of us and only one of them was my friend. I love a set-up like that. I will be able to learn new things too. Connection is very important, after all.
This popular restaurant serves the delicious nasi ulam. Try the fresh and thick budu as well as the duck egg and ayam percik. Let's eat (or jom makey, as they say in Kelantan).
I think Kota Bharu has changed quite a bit in the past few years, especially with the new mall. I would say that the transformation is minor. I would prefer it to be this way, honestly. It shouldn't be too modernised or commercialised.
All photos featured here were taken with an iPhone 11 Pro.
Produced by: Rachel Au
Hosted by: Ronn Tan
Videography: Octopost Studio
Photography: Amsyar Naaif
Layout by: Calleigh Yap
Car: BMW X4 xDrive30i

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