Singapore’s new Jewel Changi is probably aiming for the “Best Airport” award


By Rachel Au

Singapore’s new Jewel Changi is probably aiming for the “Best Airport” award

What constitutes as an awesome airport? Definitely one that has all the necessary facilities. One that’s efficient. One that has a properly planned layout. The rest gets brownie points, right? Well, Singapore’s upcoming Jewel Changi is going to get a lot of those.


The new addition to Changi Airport is slated to open in 2019 but the artist renderings so far will blow your mind. The Jewel’s exterior is a gleaming intricate latticework of glass panels framed in steel and in the shape of a doughnut. By the sounds (and looks) of it, that’s already an architectural beauty but the interior is like a world of its own.


Jewel Changi’s aim is to be a central hub and thus will connect three of Changi Airport’s current four terminals. Since it’ll see a flood of travellers all day long, a lot of thought has been put into the facilities. It will have seven stories of retail and food offerings (including A&W and Shake Shack).


Shopping and dining aside, a “magical garden” conceived by the award-winning architect, Moshe Safdie, will be spread out over the five higher floors. These gardens will include walking trails, playgrounds and eateries.

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Also, there’ll be a 40-meter high indoor waterfall where by day, it’s a man-made natural wonder and by night, it puts on a light and sound show featuring special effects. Either way, it’ll be the tallest indoor waterfall in the world upon completion.


It all sounds so gorgeous that there’s a chance we’ll lose track of time and miss our flight. For more info, visit Jewel Changi’s website.

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