The islands where Jho Low is (possibly) hopping to next are gorgeous


By Rachel Au

The islands where Jho Low is (possibly) hopping to next are gorgeous

No one island hops like Mr Jho Low and in today’s news, a source claims he’s probably headed for the West Indies islands in the Caribbean, specifically Saint Kitts and Nevis where he holds a citizenship. Located between Barbados and Puerto Rico, the country relies heavily on tourism for its economy, which comes as no surprise considering its breathtaking scenery, stellar beaches and sunny climate. It’s an ideal getaway destination and these Instagram photos are proof of that.


1. There’s a Pink Salt Pond which gets its colour from krill shrimps



2. Never seen that colour blue



3. Where the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea meet



4. Beach, please!



5. There are a handful of luxury resorts you can pick from



6. Bonus points: The night sky


7. Discover a different side of the island via the St. Kitts Scenic Railway



8. Destination wedding, anyone?



9. Prince Harry was there (to commemorate the St. Kitts’ forest joining the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy)



10. Here’s an Instagram-worthy spot



11. This could be you



12. If you’re up for it, so is Mount Liamuiga, a 1,156 m-stratovolcano



13. Or just take a stroll around the island port



Ok, we’re sold. Are you?

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