7 Stunning Instagram-worthy places that will make you want to visit Moscow


By Rachel Au

7 Stunning Instagram-worthy places that will make you want to visit Moscow

There are all kinds of travellers these days. The kind that chases Michelin-starred chefs and makes early reservations at some of the World’s Best Restaurants. The kind that travels with an (almost) empty suitcase in anticipation of all the shopping they’ll be doing. The kind that has an unending thirst for culture, music and people. Then there’s the kind that plans an itinerary around what they see on Instagram — especially if it means scoring a very likeable photo for themselves too. Believe it or not, Moscow is one of those places.



1. St Basil’s Cathedral


Built in 1561 and commissioned by Ivan the Terrible, the colourful structure with its multi-coloured domes has become the poster child for Moscow. There’s a myth that Ivan blinded the architect behind the cathedral to ensure nothing as beautiful could ever be made again.


2. Red Square


St Basil’s Cathedral is so magnificent that we decided to list it separately but within its surrounding vicinity that is the Red Square, is an endless supply of photography inspiration. Once you’re done there, head ‘next door’ to another Instagram-worthy spot, the Kremlin.


3. Bolshaya Tulskaya Complex


Let’s just say if Hong Kong’s Yik Cheong Building that appeared in Transformers, with its overwhelmingly dense exterior, is in your Instagram list, so should this. Because of its 50-meter height and half a kilometre in length, some of the locals have called it ‘The Titanic’ and ‘House-Boat’. Others know it as the House of Nuclear Scientists because it was designed with the possibility of a nuclear war happening in mind. Originally built with a white concrete facade back in the 1980s, the apartment complex has since turned to a shade of grey. Stop at the Tulskaya metro station and it’ll lead you right to it.


4. Moscow Metro — Komsomolskaya station


Speaking of metro stations, Moscow came in second on a list of the world’s busiest subways in 2017. However, what makes it different is that most of these stations are beautifully decorated — almost like an art museum. You’ll find classic marble columns, crystal chandeliers, stained glass windows, mosaics and even paintings. Komsomolskaya station, in particular, is known as “Moscow’s Sistine Chapel”.


5. Dominion Tower 


When it comes to architecture, Moscow has a beautiful balance of old meets new. One of the latter is Zaha Hadid‘s gorgeous, geometrical Dominion Tower, which was only unveiled in 2015.


6. Aquamarine III Business Centre


For those who love using the hashtag #minimalism, head over to the left shore of the Moskva River to spot this wave of giant white granite that spews modernism with a touch of surrealism.


7. Arseny Morozov Mansion


Moscow is certainly a city with plenty of architectural beauty that comes in a variety of ‘genres’. From traditional to minimalism to something as eccentric as the Arseny Morozov Mansion.

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