Digital detox: Unplug and recharge in these hidden hotels

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Digital detox: Unplug and recharge in these hidden hotels

For most of us, it is difficult to remove ourselves from the technology that surrounds our everyday life. Since the introduction of smartphones and tablets, there always seems to be another email to reply or another social media interaction that needs updating. As a result, we feel overworked and overwhelmed by the constant need to pick up our devices, distracting us from actually connecting with those around us. 


The perfect way to recharge ourselves is to just leave our devices behind and take off on a luxury vacation to get in touch with our inner self and allow our minds and bodies to be rejuvenated. Here are 4 hidden Design Hotels™ that makes it easy to ditch our devices for a healing digital detox. 

1. Insólito Boutique Hotel, Brazil

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Just two hours away from the hustle and bustle of Rio de Janeiro, is the Insólito Boutique Hotel is perched on the rocky hillside overlooking the gorgeous Ferradura Beach. The beautifully decorated rooms carry a Brazilian theme so that guests can immerse themselves in authentic Brazilian culture. This hotel promotes a meaningful connection with the environment by offering solar-powered guest rooms that were designed by owner Emmanuelle de Clermont Tonnerre using arts and crafts by local artisans along with sustainable furniture crafter by Brazilian carpenters from reclaimed timber.

2. The Surin Phuket, Thailand

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If you prefer being close to the beach, The Surin Phuket, nestled in a beachfront coconut grove on the stunning Pansea Bay shores, is the perfect place to ditch your devices. Each of the 103 cottage and suites was designed by architect and designer Ed Tuttle with the idea that wherever one looks, a unique view can been seen. The panels of woven palm fronds, granite floors and natural material makes for an easy blend of purity and serenity. It is easy to get away from your devices as you achieve relaxation while you inhale the ocean breeze and bathe under the sun in this beautiful setting. 

3. Laluna, Grenada

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Laluna is a hidden gem on the island of Grenada and it is the epitome of luxury. Surrounded by emerald hills, crystal waters, and leafy bougainvillea-filled grounds, the 16 traditional thatched-roof cottages designed by Gabriella Guintoli and Carmelina Santoro feature open-air bathroom and bedrooms that open onto bamboo-frames verandas with plunge pools. To keep your mind away from your digital devices, daily beachfront yoga classes of Hatha, Kundalini and Vinyasa are available alongside the Asian Spa that focuses on traditional Balinese massage techniques. 

4. Wiesergut, Austria

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This stunning 13th century family estate was transformed into a gorgeous 24-room retreat by Josef Sepp and Martina Kroll. Located in the valley of Hinterglemm, this contemporary refuge offers the slowed rhythms of mountain life with organic warmth and comfort at the forefront of the design and concept. This hideaway on the Alps, away from your devices, offers homespun opulence in the form of intricate locally produced furniture and textiles just steps away from to-notch hiking and skiing. For a spetacular view from floor-to-celing windows, opt for one of the garden suites.


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