Want to travel solo? Here are some of the safest places you can visit

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By Rachel Au

Want to travel solo? Here are some of the safest places you can visit

Travelling with friends and family is always fun but there are times when you really need to take a breather, go on a soul-searching journey or just enjoy a holiday by yourself. You’ll be surprised at how much it’ll open up your mind and change you as a person for the better—especially to prepare you for the new year. This, however, can go both ways if your trip turns into a nightmare. To ensure you have a smooth-sailing Eat, Pray, Love journey, we’ve rounded up some of the safest (and coolest) places to visit you’re travelling alone (this can apply to guys too). 


1. New Zealand

places to visit for solo female travellers-new zealand 2

Travel to the land of Middle Earth where peace has been attained after Frodo (and Sam) destroyed the One Ring. But even if you’re not a Lord of the Rings fan, New Zealand’s lush natural beauty is something to be amazed by; and if you’re an adrenaline junkie, there is bungee jumping, sky diving, jet boating and more for you to try. 


2. Germany

places to visit for solo female travellers-germany

Tons to do, tons to see and tons to enjoy—especially if you love art, history, and of course, beer. Street art is huge in this country and you’ll find a lot of them as prints or magnets at a souvenir shop but otherwise, there are gorgeous paintings for sale at the markets. One thing’s for sure, the walking tour of the street art should be on your itinerary. Besides (portions of the remaining) Berlin Wall, the other historical points are a fine showcase of architecture and once you’re done with sightseeing, the restaurants, watering holes and clubs await.


3. Japan

places to visit for solo female travellers-japan

The land of the Rising Sun is everything that encompasses the term travel-friendly-solo or not. It’s easy to get around, be it within Tokyo or outside the megalopolis, and there are various accommodations designed even for the solo travellers. Food is great and there are many places that have counter seats (read: single traveller-friendly) such as noodle bars or sushi restaurants.


4. Norway

places to visit for solo female travellers-norway

A breathtaking natural wonder with low crime rates, Scandinavia is one of the best contenders for a solo trip destination—specifically Norway because northern lights. From beautiful fjords with crystal clear water to Vøringsfossen, Norway’s highest waterfall, to Hardangervidda, Europe’s highest mountain plateau, to gorgeous glaciers, expect lots of hiking and trekking to witness some of Mother Nature’s greatest works, but they’ll all be worth it.


5. Singapore

places to visit for solo female travellers-Singapore

Our friendly, neighbouring country is well known for cleanliness, a good public transportation system, and above all, safe. So for a quick solo vacation, why not look to Singapore? You can go cafe hopping in Tiong Baru, visit the beautiful parks at Gardens by the Bay or try out all the attractions on Sentosa such as Universal Studios Singapore and S.E.A Aquarium. 

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