Vinyl record fans will appreciate Sony’s new premium turntable

Let your vinyl sing


By Rachel Au

Vinyl record fans will appreciate Sony’s new premium turntable

At a time when Spotify is at the forefront of the music streaming business, you’ll find that old records are not going away anytime soon either. There are audiophiles with their collections of vinyls while there is a crowd who searches for precious records at vintage markets. Nevertheless, Sony understands. Its new premium turntable, PS-HX500 could very well be described as the best of both worlds. 


Designed to deliver high resolution audio without ruining your vinyl, the sound produced is at its purest but beyond a mere music session, the PS-HX500 allows the user to copy their favourite analogue tracks to a PC as a digital file via a high quality DSD native converter and its own software. It’s the world’s first turntable to support double- and single-rate DSD, a powerful audio format capable of reproducing the music with complete accuracy. In a way, you can now enjoy your favourite songs at home or on the go. 


The Sony PS-HX500 turntable is priced at RM2,699 and is now available at all Sony Store outlets.


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