Ultra sleek and slim: The Pebble Time Round

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By Su Fen Tan

Ultra sleek and slim: The Pebble Time Round

The new Pebble Time Round does away with the bulkiness that comes with some smartwatches, exuding the sophistication of a classic wristwatch with its sleek and ultra-slim design. Only 7.5mm thin, its lightweight built will sit comfortably on your wrist, while the customisable face keeps you updated at all times. Never miss a phone call or text message again when your phone is buried deep in your bag, as you get all the notifications for your events, texts, incoming calls, and app alerts with a simple, discreet glance—fitness and sleep tracking included, too.


Embodying the definition of function meets style, the svelte Pebble Time Round comes in various colours, band sizes, and styles. The ladies will definitely appreciate the beautiful rose gold bezel with a matching mesh bracelet or white leather strap, while the all-black style is bold and suave, a worthy companion for the modern gentleman. While the battery life is not as great as its Pebble counterparts, it still boasts up to two days usage, which seems like a fair trade for style. Charge time, however, is super fast: a full day of power takes just 15 minutes. All in all, the Pebble Time Round is definitely a step forward in the smartwatch department when it comes to design, with capable functions to match.


The Pebble Time Round is now availble online at

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